Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Amazing Race: 4.19.09

The teams spent one night in Bangkok (yes, I went there again), and Margie and Luke are the first to depart for Guilin, China. When they get there, they have to go to Qing Xiu Lu (a street), and find a hair salon. Jamie and Cara are next, vowing to stay positive and have a good attitude. Tammy and Victor are next, excited to be going to China, because of their heritage. Tammy went to China for Spring break once, so I guess that makes her an expert. Kisha and Jen are about four hours ahead of Mark and Michael.

Margie and Luke managed to get on the first flight out, but I think there will be a bottleneck on a connection. Tammy and Victor and Cara and Jamie are on the next flight out, followed by Kisha and Jen, and then Mark and Michael.

The first flight in China connecting them to their final destination was delayed, but Kisha and Jen got on a different connecting flight and made it ito Guilin first. Lucky break. The others arrived not too much later, seemingly.

Tammy and Victor are excited, because they speak Madarin. Luke says he wishes they could go to an all-deaf country where everyone signed, so he could have the advantage. Tammy and Victor got to the hair salon right after Jamie and Cara and snagged the clue - they have to make their way to 24 Bridge. Jamie and Cara got the more knowledgeable taxi driver.

Kisha and Jen have a vendetta against Margie and Luke, becaus Margie and Like steered them wrong before. They had a collision at the clue box, and Luke got called a bitch by Jen. He did not like that one bit. His mom told him what had happened, and he was really upset. I agree.

Bridge 24 brings them to a Roadblock, where one team member must train a cormorant to retrieve fish for them, much like hunting dogs, to fill a basket. Tammy hoped to have the advantage because of the language advantage.

Unfortunately, cormorants don't speak Mandarin.

There was another collision at the clue box between Luke and Kisha this time. Kisha contended that Luke pushed her into the box, whereas Luke said that Kisha grabbed his arm and threw him back. I couldn't tell exactly what happened, but neither of them was being particularly courteous, that's for sure.

(Meanwhile, Mark and Michael have to wash and dry two women's hair at the hair salon - shampoo, wash, and dry)

Luke got bitten by his cormorant. Looked painful.

Kisha and Jen got their fish back to shore first, and have to make their way to Ancient South Gate for their next clue. Jamie and Cara finished up next, followed by Margie and Luke, who had a very slow boat driver.

Tammy's birds were naughty and flew away, instead of fetching her final fish. It finally returned to her and got the fish.

In cabs, there was more smackdown talk between Margie and Luke and Kisha and Jen. Margie suggested Luke just let it go, and I think that's a wise piece of advice.


Choreography - Teams must join a group of locals and learn a dance, then perform for judges in hopes of getting it right.

Calligraphy - Find a calligraphy station and copy calligraphy which will bring them to their next station... there are four (correct) stations. Several wrong ones. Good luck.

Kisha and Jen choose calligraphy, Jamie and Cara choose choreography, and Margie and Luke chose calligraphy (since Luke can't hear the music), as did Tammy and Victor. Jamie and Cara got "manhandled" by the couple teaching them the dance. It was amusing. Their first try in front of the judges was not acceptable, so they had to try again. They got it wrong the second time, too, and had no idea what they were doing wrong. They almost gave up and decided to try the calligraphy, but gave it one more try.

Tammy and Victor absolutely had an advantage being able to speak the language. Everyone else followed them, and got to the write stations that way. Tammy and Victor told the guy at the third station "We are Foreign born Chinese-Americans. If we do not win, our parents will cry themselves to death." Funny. (Unless of course, it's true).

They finished first and got the clue sending them to Banyan Lake, the Pit Stop. They have to go on foot. It's a foot race, that's for sure.

Jen & Kisha arrived first, followed by Tammy & Victor, and then Margie & Luke. Kisha and Jen won a trip for two to Barbados. Nice. They told Phil about the fighting between Luke and Kisha and Jen. Luke got really upset, and then Kisha and Jen laughed when Luke was signing angrily, and Margie's Mamma Bear came out.

Then, my dvr cut out, and I missed the end!! I just need to start recording Amazing Race until later, because there are always sports on which interfere, and though I love my dvr, it's kind of stupid, and can't catch such things... I'll find the end online to find out what happened...


Anonymous said...

When you watch those two clue box encounters (and CBS showed them both in slow motion something like 20 times each), it seems pretty clear to me that Luke was the "agressor" in both situations. In the first one, the girl is just trying to reach in and get her clue and he throws an elbow at her FACE! Then at the second box, she gets there first and he body checks her into the clue box! Then Margie and Luke have this huge freak-out self pity-party at the mat...please...get over yourselves. I used to like Margie and Luke, but now I think Luke is kind of a punk. He does some shady things, and then he tries to play the "but I'm disabled" card to get sympathy when he gets called out. Sketchy...

Anonymous said...

From viewing the tape *and* from having lived with a deaf person for years, I found Jen to be at fault. Think for one moment what it's like to be totally deaf and unable to hear someone coming up from behind. Then you suddenly feel someone either colliding or just merely touching you, it's startling. He can't hear footsteps, so he doesn't know how far behind she was, how fast she was going, or anything else. I thought his reaction was completely reasonable for the circumstance. Haven't you ever jerked up an arm when someone startled you?

As for Jen and Kisha's behavior afterward, I found it revolting. I was shaking with anger by the episode's end. Not only did they plan their smirk-fest, they did it when he was obviously the most animated in his signing. Again, hearing people don't know what it's like to be unable to express yourself. And from his perspective, all he sees is those wretched women pointing at him and laughing. They're vulgar, repugnant, and vile. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it was hard to see who pushed who first, but Anon. thanks for the point of view from the deaf side; I never thought about that Luke can't hear anyone coming and it would be startling to just have someone come up beside you like that.

An an off-topic, I know you watch Project Runway...I read where they finally got approval to air the latest season on Lifetime. No idea when it will be on but sometime this summer....