Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 4.16.09

Since Ramsey shut down Hell's Kitchen last week, I'm interested to see how the Not So Fabulous Final 5 redeem themselves to get him to reopen.

Turns out it was a ploy. He is sending them to Atlantic City, to "come to terms with what's at stake." He wants them to be inspired.

It's private jet time, and they see the Borgata from the air. On the ground, they are met by the Borgata Babes and the manager. Robert drooled at the Babes. Andrea wondered where the hunks were.

The Borgata has over 2000 rooms. Insane. It is named in Food & Wine as "The Foodie Hotel." So, there are lots and lots of restaurants in the Borgata already. The winner will be running a new restaurant. They got to see the space alloted to the new restaurant. It's huge and beautiful. After seeing that, they got spa treatments, and got to hang out in a pool.

They got to speak to the VP of food and wine, and the Head Chef at the Borgata. While Andrea asked questions about Human Resources, Robert got up and left, seeking medical attention for chest pain. The medics said that he has elevated blood pressure - 160/100, and said he should go to the hospital. They brought a stretcher out for him and sent him to the ER. Yipes.

From the hospital, he called Ben, and let it be known that the drs weren't sure what's wrong with him, but he'll be spending the night at the hotel.

They returned to Hell's Kitchen, and didn't know if Robert would be coming back. It was a couple days before they heard more from Robert. Ramsey called them into the kitchen, and luckily, Robert returned, but said that he still didn't feel good. He has pericarditis, which is a swelling around the heart, which leads to heart disease. He revealed that he wouldn't be able to continue in the competition. That's really sad.

Ramsey said that Robert had the potential to win, and told him not to forget that. I hope that Robert gets back to health and has a wonderful career.

Back to business, Ramsey tells the Final 4 to create their Signature Dish for him. They have 45 minutes, and can use anything in the kitchen. The winner has immunity.

Danny - Pan Seared Sea Scallop with champagne sauce and basil. Ramsey said it's presentation was lacking, but it was cooked wonderfully and was delicious.

Andrea - Green Tea crusted tuna, with black sesame rice cake and kimchee. Ramsey said it was a great plate, with nothing unwanted. I'd try it. Looked delicious.

Paula - Smoked Salmon Cerviche, which was a little overcooked, but Ramsey liked the flavor.

Ben - Pan Roasted Tiger Prawns, with mango scented turnips, and basil crushed yukon gold potatoes. Ramsey thought it was a pretty plate. However, Ben left the tail on the plate "for presentation."

Ramsey said that Ben is definitely not the winner, but the others are all in contension. Andrea won it in the end, and I think it's deserved. I want to taste that plate.

Before service, Ramsey basically told them to step it up.

Danny started out well, but Ramsey got upset at Andrea because she was cooking on a lower temp than he liked to cook on. Ben could not repeat an order, and then couldn't get a carrot puree hot. Ramsey threatened him. Paula and Andrea were out of sync again, and Ramsey again blamed Andrea's stove temp. At least Paula was getting the meat out well.

Again, Ben was slow on the uptake of orders. He seems to be half asleep. Ben was tossed out and went to bang his head into a wall, which usually helps. He gathered his thoughts and went back into the kitchen, claiming to have found his fight.

Meanwhile, Andrea's salmon was raw and was sent back. She floundered about and couldn't get the timing right. It was not good. In fact, it was downright ugly.

At least Ben seems to be waking up.

Ramsey sent Danny over to help Andrea with fish. She tried to send up raw fish again. Ramsey wonders if she is sabotaging others because she is safe.

Anyone think it's ironic that she won her immunity on sashimi?

They managed to get all the food out, but...

Ramsey called it embarassing, saying it was obvious how bad service was. He tells them to, as a team, decide which two should be nominated for elimination. Andrea was obviously the weak link, with Ben there, too. Ben has an inflated opinion of himself, but it's a rough time and nothing is really decided.

Andrea said that Ben and Paula are the weakest links, and called Paula out for her lack of communication.

Ramsey asked them to defend themselves. Ben started waxing poetic, and Ramsey cut him off. Paula said a few words, and he sent her back in line, but - shocker here - called Andrea out. He said that the reason Ben was so bad was because she was even worse. Sadly, he let her keep her immunity, saying he was a man of his word.

Ben begged for a chance. Amazingly, Ramsey gave it to him.

Anyone think this was pre-ordained since the moment that Robert bowed out?

I think at this point, it's looking to be Paula and Danny in the finals. Anything else will shock me. Of course, anything can happen in Hell's Kitchen.

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