Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol - 4.22.09: Results Show

Two going home tonight. I hope that Lil is one of them. I hope that Anoop is the other one. Will I be right?

Oooh, a medley? Of Disco? Color me excited. And, what's that? Archie's triumphant return? How can it get any better?

Paula delved into the Mother-of-the-bride closet again. At least she's consistant.

And Paula actually did some choreography! Snazzy. She still has the skills to dance. (Anyone notice that they played Paula's Dance Like There's No Tomorrow during the rehearsal montage?)

(Interlude of Matt downloading his own song as a ringtone)

Is the number any good? Well, the lip syncing is back in it's most obvious way. The choreography is pretty good, and it looks like they had fun. Props to Paula on that. It's about time they used her talent properly.

(and she got flowers. Nice)

Wait, what? That group sing wasn't the disco medley? Oh my!

Ford Commercial set to Good, Gone, which I have never heard before. It was the idols doing random odd jobs. It was pretty dull, and I didn't like the song, so I don't feel like I missed out previously.

Time for some news...

Lil is heading to the far side of the stage...

And unceremoniously, she's sent home! I am not sad to see her go, but I am surprised that he didn't waste any time with her. I didn't like her performance the first time around, and I admit, I fast forwarded through the majority of the second one. Paula proclaimed that she sang it brilliantly, but from the beginning, I don't think it would have saved her.

Oh ho - the disco medley is an ALL STAR disco medley.

Started out with Band of Gold, by Freda Payne, who looked pretty good, even though I think they pulled her off the shelf and dusted her off for the show. Who was it who killed this song several seasons ago? Frenchie? Mandisa? This woman lost her breath pretty easily, but she isn't the spring chicken she once was, I suppose.

Thelma Huston? In a maternity mullet dress fit for Big Bird? (And hair also fit for Big Bird?) She sang Don't Leave me This Way. She sounded pretty darned good, at least. I like her bejewelled bodice.

KC of KC and the Sunshine Band? Unfortunately, he looks like a taller version of George Costanza. He sounds good, at least, and looked happy to be surrounded by beautiful women. He did a little dance, made a little love, and got down tonight.

Well, that was interesting padding.

Why are we here again? Right. I remember, results.

Kris is told to stand, and says he understood what Paula was trying to say. He's safe. Good. I voted for him for a good long time last night. That was a hot performance.

Adam is next. He's not going anywhere.

What about Danny? Will he get a dose of humility in the Bottom 3? Not this week. He promised to not be clumsy anymore, even though he wasn't sure what Simon meant by that, exactly. Ryan asked Simon, who told him he was being facetious and told him to go back to the contestants.

Anoop, well... he's in the bottom 3.

Who will join him - Allison, or Matt Who Was Saved? It's Allison, and Matt will be Stayin' Alive, indeed.

I sure do hope Anoop is going, because I think that Allison has more long term potential.

Be still my heart, it's time for Archie. Touch My Hand? And a skinny tie that looks like it was made from a checkerd picnic blanket? He still sounds like he's singing through major phlegm. Fast forward! At least he wasn't pre-recorded, and he went to chat with the Bottom 2. The top 4? They don't deserve Archie's words of wisdom, I suppose.

And Allison is safe, with Anoop becoming the second casualty of the double elimination. I do like Anoop, but it was his time to go. He could possibly make it in the business, thanks to this exposure... we'll see. His final performance was better than last night's, but it was still a really poor song choice.

Both eliminated contestants got their Farewell Montages at the same time, and Lil is heading home to her family. Anoop is going back to Chapel Hill.

No word on next week's theme. Anyone catch it?

Edited to add: I heard it's Rat Pack songs. I am a big fan, and can't wait to see what they do.


Sharon said...

I love your updates, Astrid. Since I don't have a PVR, you're my way of fast-forwarding through all the padding :)

Now it gets interesting...I like all of the remaining contestants. I'm not a huge Allison fan, but there is no denying she can sing, even if it's all a little one-dimensional.

Nomad said...

poor Anoop; but at least he is really likable... there's a lot of other things he can well I'm sure

Astrid said...

Anoop is even a really good singer - he just is not as good as the others in this group.

I do think he had some terrible fashion advice recently, though. I mean, he looked like an Easter egg on Tuesday. lol.