Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amazing Race - 10.11.09

I hate football and I love my dvr.  Did have to record the show on after The Amazing Race in order to see it in it's entirety.. anyhow...

 From Ho Chi Minh City, the Globe Trotters are off foires, to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, and they need to find the Correspondent's Club, find the Assignment Editor, and ask for their next assignment in a whisper for their next clue.

I love the Globe Trotters.  I just do.

The other teams follow behind them, and they find out that the only flight is not leaving until the next day, at 12:25 PM.   Lance & Keri are still super annoying.  Zev & Justin got a slow cab driver.  Bwah ha ha.... the first flight was booked up right before Lance & Keri got to the counter.  They are booked (with Justin & Zev) on a 2:15 PM flight, but got on standby for the first flight.

Can I just say that I really hate when everyone gets on one flight?  It seems to not make it as much of a race.  Both Lance & Keri and Zev & Justin got standby seats, and everyone arrived in Cambodia at the same time.

Zev & Justin, Sam & Dan, and Megan & Cheyne got to the Correspondent's Club first. 

Their next clue was a photograph of Jackie O, and it said "This woman has a hotel suite named after her," and they have to find the hotel.

The ther teams arrive to get their clue, but Mika and Canaan were denied their clue because they didn't understand the importance of whispering, and he asked for his task instead of his assignment.  He finally figured it out, and off they went.

All the teams headed to the Royal Hotel, but pretty much no one knew that it was Jackie O in the picture. 


Cover - Teams must locate a helmet stand and get four helmets, and sell them to a family of four - two adults, and two children, for $10 total, and return the money to the stand.

Wrap - Teams must go to a Russian market, and get an intricate scarf from the shopkeeper, and then find a woman wearing the exact same scarf.

Everyone chose Wrap, until Lance & Keri, who chose Cover.  I hope that it is ridiculously hard.

Zev & Justin finished first, and their next clue sent them to travel on foot about 2 km to their next clue.  Sam & Dan finished next.  The Globe Trotters got some help from some women from Pennsylvania. Ericka & Bryan got really lucky and found their scarf wearing woman right off. 

I am so bummed that Lance & Keri managed to sell their helmets and head to the next task with seemingly little difficulty.


One person must wear a monkey mask and tail and learn to do three monkey maneuvers to their monkey masters' satisfaction.

Zev did the task and did a really great job on the first two tasks, but had a really hard time with the last one, and nearly passed out (or at least freaked out a little).  Sam & Dan arrived next and managed to pass them and to the pit stop with them.   No one seemed to have a really hard time with it except for balance issues on the last move.  Keri did the task for their team, and Lance did a whole lot of yelling at her, as she did a whole lot of yelling back.

The Pit Stop is Wat Pnom, and it is beautiful. 

Zev & Justin arrived first.  I think that Sam & Dan got a slow cab.  For their leg win, they won no further amazing trip.  Bummer.  Sam & Dan came in 2nd, followed by the Globe Trotters....

And... crap.

Zev & Justin can't find Zev's passport!!  They had to go back and ask Phil what they could do.  They need to find the documents, or they will be out of the race.  The search is on!  Phil advised them to thoroughly search their backpacks, though that yielded no backpack.  They have to find it before the last team arrives, or they are out.

Luckily, they had their cabbie's card, and they called him and he agreed to come back and help them look.

Bryan & Erika arrived third (not counting Zev & Justin) at the Pit Stop, followed by Gary & Matt, and Megan & Cheyne, then Lance & Keri (boooo), then Mika & Canaan, and Maria & Tiffany... the passport was no where to be found.

I'm bummed for Justin & Zev, because it is a heck of a way to leave the game... I wouldn't want to lose my passport in Cambodia.  To the American Consolate with them!

Next week - Dubai!


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I wanted them to win. They seem so nice.

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Sarah said...

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I don't know if we can be friends with statements like, "I hate football!"... ;)

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Sorry bout that, Ed. But when it messes with my tv programming, I hold great animosity.