Thursday, October 29, 2009

Survivor Samoa: 10.29.09

Galu reels about the loss of Russell.  The guys worry that they are even with numbers with the girls.  They decide to lure Shambo to their side, but stick to their "Bros before Hos" final alliance, so once they have the numbers again, they will burn Shambo

Over at Foa Foa, they are feeling revived.

Back to Galu, and the guys decide to nominate Shambo chief.  They think that will put her in their pocket.  They all vote for her, and she's the new chief.  Monica is against it and stunned.  She made her first act one of "motivation and kindness" and vowed to not be bossy, but thought that the marine background might make that difficult.  Dave decided that Shambo is so dim, she might screw up their plans if they tell her anything.

Reward Challenge

The sun is out.  Shambo's leadership is brought up, and she said that she isn't surprised, but she'll keep things in perspective and stay calm.

It's Survivor Memory.  In the field, there are tents of all sorts of survival items.  Teams that make a match get a point, or the leader can decide to take the item, but forfeit the point.  There are a couple dummy items that have no match.

Winner gets a sailing trip and good food, and send a spy to the losing team. 

Kelly, Dave, and Shambo sit out.  Because Shambo is sitting out, she has to call a "leader" decision maker for the team.  She originally chose Erik, but Dave told her they should choose Brett, and she changed her mind.

Laura found a firemaking kit match and kept it.  It came wrapped in a big ol' tarp, and that was smart to keep.  Brett found the mosquito net kit, and took the point.  John found a cleaver match and took the point.  Russell took the first point for Foa FoaLaura got another one for GaluBrett snagged a match of fishing gear, but took the point.  Galu leads 6-3, until Natalie matched pots and took the point.  Monica headed out to try to win it for Galu, and she succeeded.  Galu wins it.

Shambo sent Laura over to Foa Foa, because she "needs to keep her guys strong" for the challenges.  Monica bitched about it the decision.  Laura said that she would take it for the team.

Laura was welcomed to Foa Foa, and thought that the camp was pretty friendly.  Russell, specifically, decided to make nice with her.  He told her he wants to have her and Natalie in the final 3.  He claimed to be working his Houdini magic, and told her that he could spot a good Christian from a mile away.  Then, he talked in confessional about how he is manipulating her.  Nice.

On the reward, they got to sail the boat, and got a big hearty meat stew, bread, and delicious scones.  Monica thanked Shambo for not sending her.  Shambo stood by her decision.

Natalie and Laura bonded religion, and Liz was not happy about their bonding.  Russell said that Liz is so stupid that he doesn't know how she even walks without falling down.  Russell is happy that Natalie is sucking up to Laura, so as to keep her in his pocket.

Immunity Challenge

Both tribes will paddle out to collect six sets of fish shaped puzzle pieces (using fish hooks), which they will return to the beach to put together.

John, Monica, and Laura sat out the challenge.

Foa Foa left the necklace at home to hopefully break their bad luck.

Foa Foa got a bit of a lead on the boat by having Jaison push them out as far as possible.  They got a good lead and got all their puzzle pieces first.  Galu was not far behind.  Foa Foa had a couple members jump out and swim, pulling the boat.  Galu used mostly rowers, and they hit the beach about at the same time.

Dave, Kelly, and Brett worked on the puzzle for Galu.

Jaison, Mick, and Liz worked on it for Foa Foa.

Galu finished their puzzle first, and it seems the Leadership necklace wasn't the trouble for Foa FoaRussell moaned that "these idiots" are going to cost him a million dollars, and he plans to have a lot of fun with that money, so he is thinking of getting rid of Jaison, who gave up in the challenge.

Back at Foa Foa, Liz and Natalie tried to tend the first.  Russell brooded, and said that Jaison would surely not be his attorney.  He moaned to Dr. Mick about the loss of the puzzles, with the supposed geniuses on the team.  Jaison talked to Liz, who vowed that something had to change.  Liz went for a walk to Russell, and he told her that he is now gunning for Jaison.

Tribal Council

Probst told Foa Foa that they are one of the losingest tribes ever.  Russell says that they wake every day hoping for the merge, because the other tribe might outplay and outlast them, but they can't outwit HIM, the mighty RussellLiz and Dr. Mick claim that they have no qualms about tribal loyalty, come the merge.  Jaison admits that he has a part in the loss in the challenge, because he couldn't get the pattern of the puzzle.

In the end, it was Liz going home, despite Russell's posturing.  Russell gave Dr. Mick a knowing smile, so perhaps he was sure to be a part of it.  Probst told them that they aren't good at challenges, but they are getting really good at blindsiding.

Next week - merge!  And lots of names are thrown around.  What fun.

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Ed said...

I suspected something was up when it was all but decided that it was Jaison going home, but was somehow still surprised that Liz was voted out.

Yay for the merge! I wonder how good Russell's game realy is, now that everyone's switching gears and targeting the stronger players.