Thursday, October 8, 2009

Survivor Samoa: 10.9.09

Will we see any of Galu tonight?  Here's for hoping!

First, fallout of the ouster of Ben on Foa FoaJaison is not having the best time, and thinks that coming on Survivor was the worst decision he's ever made in his life.  Evil Russell doesn't think that Jaison is much of a man for being ready to walk out if Ben had stayed, and gloated that he is in complete control of the game and anyone he wants gone is gone.  Humph.

Some Galu face time, with Shambo telling them how great the Foa Foa beach was, and she is happy about her relationships with that team.  Erik approached Shambo about trying to find where the hidden immunity idol is at their camp, thinking that the clues might be the same for both camps.  John interrupted their talk and had the same thought.  Shambo happily gave up the clues.  I don't know that was the right decision.

Tree mail brought a mission - the leader has to choose two people to go with him out and maybe bring back food.  Dr. Mick chose Evil Russell and NatalieOther Russell chose Shambo and Dave.  The two tribe groups met on the beach and waited for Jeff... and found chickens in a cage, and a pirate's chest.  Shambo and Natalie grabbed the chickens, but Dave opened the chest - and they are left on their own, with basically a game of Bocce ball.  The winner gets the chickens.

(They have to throw balls at a stick, and the tribe with the closest ball wins.)

Right up to the end, it looked like Foa Foa might actually win the chickens, with their balls surrounding the post.  Dr. Mick said he could taste the chickens.  Then, the final throw was Dave's, and he nailed it right next to the stick.  Foa Foa continues their abysmal losing streak.

While they were away from camp, Erik decided to get searching for the immunity idol while others at the camp slept or did some work.  John spied him digging, but went back to sleep.  It proved to be much harder to find than the one Russell found - but find it he did, way up in a tree.  Now, will he keep his word and save Shambo if she's in danger?  Time will tell.

The chicken bearers return, and while Dave is stoked inside for winning the challenge for them, he is keeping it cool at camp.  Russell gave the job of chicken tending to Shambo, who seems to speak fluent chicken.

Over at Foa Foa, Evil Russell is unsure of his alliance with Jaison.  He decided that bringing Natalie to the end would be a better idea, because, in his words, she is too stupid to win against him.  She is fine with people underestimating her.

Back at Galu, Shambo was speaking chicken, and let one get away!  Erik was running around like crazy and got clothes lined, literally.  The chicken was way up in the tree, and there was no way that it was coming down.  Shambo is feeling mightly bad, but tried to talk the chicken down.  Nothing.

More Galu, and Kelly is frustrated with Yasmin doing nothing around camp.  Others don't seem to disagree.

Immunity Challenge

They have to run across a net with blocks, and stack them high, then go across a rope bridge, untie more blocks, and stack that set of blocks, too.  They have to build one tall stack each.

Galu sits out Shambo, Laura, Dave, and leader Russell.

No one had any problems with the net run, an Foa Foa used Jaison's height to get the blocks on top, while Galu had Kelly and Monica climb on top of shoulders.  Both finished their stacks and headed on to the rope bridge.  Galu was in the lead on the rope, but Monica struggled as Natalie and Ashley looked like they were born on rope bridges.  Evil Russell was insanely good at the rope!  Galu was just a little ahead.

The second stack of blocks is much taller, and Natalie stood on Jaison's shoulders.  The blocks had to stay up for a count of five, and it was close, but Foa Foa finally won an immunity challenge, thanks to Natalie's steady hands and Jaison's strong back.

Let's see the cracks in Galu - Leader Russell was sorely disappointed in Monica's performance at the challenge.  Others think that Yas should go because she doesn't do diddley squat around camp - and Yas actually told Shambo that it is her strategy to not do anything, because then no one can criticize her for doing something wrong.  Leader Russell still thinks that Yas brings it in challenges, and he thinks that the others have to listen to him because he is the leader.  Dude.  It doesn't work like that.

Tribal Council

Galu's first trip to Tribal!  Yas defended herself, saying that she wore heels in the jungle to look good for Probst. Russell thinks that challenges are the most important thing, and Yas agrees.  Monica's name is brought up for having blown the challenge.  She admitted that she took a bit of time on the rope, but thinks that she did well in the end.  Laura (who?  Gosh, I want them to lose more so that I can learn their names!) thinks that helping around camp is paramount.

The votes were close, but in the end, Yazmin was going home. She may be strong in challenges, but you also can't just lie around the camp waiting for other people to open coconuts for you.  I won't miss her.

Do you think the right person went home?  Do you think the errant chicken will return to roost?

Next week - gross food!  Yay for that!  And, it's going to rain and rain and rain, and I bet Leader Russell will regret not choosing that danged tarp!

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Ed said...

Did you catch who voted for whom? More specifically, who voted with Russell for Monica? I only saw two Monica votes, Russell's and Yazmin's...