Thursday, October 15, 2009

Project Runway - 10.15.09

Heidi introduced the designers to their next challenge.  She told them if they really want to shine, their look must upstage the rest.  She sent them to meet Tim and a special guest at an undisclosed location, and reminded them that there is no immunity from here on out (although Gordana has immunity for this one).

They went to the Fashion museum and met Tim with Bob Mackie, king of Sequins.  They will be creating an extravagant stage look.  Bob reminded them that this is not normal design, and told them to just go for it.  They will be designing a look for Christina Aguillara.

To Mood with them and looting for shimmer and shine.  They have $300, which is lots more than normal, but shummery fabric sometimes cost more...  They have 2 days.

Carol Hannah got a lot of random fabric and seemed to be playing with Logan's fur instead of actually working.  Gordana's fabric was shedding beads like crazy.  It's a shame because it was looking pretty cool before the beading debacle.  The next day, there was more scrambling.  Shirin was making something that looked like a ball gown.  Nicolas thought his look was like a skating look.

Tim came for his look see and worried that Christopher's outfit should have been super slut instead of 90's prom, and thought they were both prim.  Althea also had a reveal planned, and Tim worried that they thought they both envisioned her coming out of a pumpkin.  Gordana has a lot to do, and Tim worried that Nicolas' look is too much of a re-do of his Ice Princess look.  Nicolas is the king of white frilly.  Carol Hannah was thinking of doing a reveal, but Tim told her that it looked fine.  He thought that Shirin's looked like student work, vampira meets 16 year old prom.

More work, and enter the models.  Shirin changed hers up a lot and it looked better for a start.  Logan thinks that Carol Hannah is fun and an unorthodox Southern Belle.  Flirty flirty flirty.

Irina has a high opinion of herself and a low opinion of everyone else.  It's annoying.  Even annoying Nicolas is annoyed by her. 

Runway Show

Joining Heidi are Bob Mackie, Nina Garcia, and Christina Aguilera.

Althea's dress is neat and long and slinky with lots of silver, kind of liquid.

Logan's look was short and sassy and I kind of liked it.

Shirin's look was absolutely not a stage look.

Christopher's look was really kind of neat, I thought, for the stage.  The reveal brought sparkly hot pants.  Slick.

Nicolas' looked just like so many others.  Yawn.

Gordana's look was totally badly sewn and I think she's lucky to have immunity.

Irina's was way too short and ice dancer to me.  I did not like it.

Carol Hannah's is long and black and mixed sequins with feathers really well.  I loved how it moved.  Not sure it was a good stage outfit.

Irina was middle of the road, and Gordana was also sent to safety (but was told she was lucky to have immunity).

Christina loved Carol Hannah's look, and Nina called it glamorous, but wished it had come off into something sexier.  Carol Hannah told her that she tried that, but thought it looked too ice skater-y.  The judges agreed it was better as it is, and loved the textures of black she used.

Heidi called Shirin's look a bad witch halloween costume.  Christina worried she would trip in it.  The bottom of it was the mess.

Althea's use of back and front sides of the fabric was clever.  Heidi liked the way her bum looked.  Nina didn't like the train for logistic reasons.  Christina thought it was a beautiful dress.

Heidi wasn't loving Christopher's revealed look, and Nina worried it was a revisit of Lady Marmelade.  Bob Mackie didn't think the corset was well done, and wouldn't put it on a chorus girl.  Christina gave him E for Effort.

Christina liked Nicolas' outfit.  Bob thought it needed just a little something else.

Logan wanted to create a punk rock princess outfit.  The judges worried there should have been more chains.  Christina was getting cave woman, but liked the color.  The lining of his green dress is pink, but it was not shown, and the judges wished there had been more of that drama.

In the end, Carol Hannah won the challenge and I am thrilled.  So was she.  Nicolas and Logan were also safe.  It was between Shirin and Christopher.  Let's see if Christopher's got more tears for us.... not tonight.  It's Shirin that's out.  I think it was the right choice.  I still like Christopher.

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