Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amazing Race - 10.25.09

Who's excited to see Mika lose it completely over a big giant water slide?  I know I am!

Meghan & Cheyne are first, and they have to choose a locked briefcase, and then head to the Dubai Marina and golf course.

Road Block
One Team member must row an inflatable dinghy to a yacht, and get a watch as a gift from a shiek.  They then have to get back to the briefcase and figure out that the time on the watch is the combination to the briefcase. (the other team member can help with that)

Cheyne was the first out on the water.  Cheyne had no problem with figuring out the combination, and they were off to the water taxi at the next stop.

Matt took time during the pit stop to re-dye his pink hair. 

Ericka & Brian were next to the dinghy, and he had some troubles, but managed to get to the boat.  His hands were bleeding when he was done.

The poor Globetrotters got a cabbie who brought them to the wrong marina.  Oh, not good.

Gary is a canoer, and decided to lean forward and row with one   He did it, but it looked painful.

The Globetrotters had a terrible time getting the combination on the case.  They didn't seem to get it.  It was on 8:35 - But they were stuck on one hand being on the 8 and the other on the 7.  Duh.  They watched while every other team opened it with no trouble.  Finally, they figured it out.

Mika had Canaan do the rowing because she's scared of water.  Add that to her fear of heights.  Check, and check.


Gold - Teams must find a jewelry store and weigh out $500,000 worth of gold, according to the constantly changing gold rate shown on a screen.

Glass - Teams must get a crate at a glass shop and assemble 12 complex hookas

Cheyne & Meghan went for Glass.  They set up in the shade, which was smart.  They got them all together but missed some pieces.  Frustration abound.  Finally, they found the washers that needed to be in place and headed off.

Ericka & Brian did Gold.  They had troubles with the gold value changing   They gave up after a while and went to Glass.  They set up right in the sun and didn't think that colors mattered.  But they do.  And their pieces got very hot.  They had some very serious problems, but finally got it right.  It apparently took them 2 hours to finish the Detour.

Sam & Dan started out with Gold, and ingeniusly, they had brought a $2 calculator from Walmart before they went on the race.  They couldn't figure out how to calculate the exchange rate, but luckily, they are friendly with the Poker Girls.  They lent the calculator to them, and the Poker girls helped them with the exchange rate problem.  They worked together, and finished together.  That's ultra-teamwork.

Matt had a hard time with the heat in Glass, and Mika claimed that she wished she were naked, also because of the heat.

The Globetrotters decided to switch to Gold after seeing the problems other people had.  They borrowed a calculator from someone to do the task.  Smart.

The next place is the Atlantis The Palms Dubai resort, and they have to search for the six story vertical water slide that goes through a shark tank.  Yes, that's right.  I would be terrified of it as well.

Meghan & Cheyne went first, and she was a little scared of the real sharks in the tank, but they both did it with almost no hesitation.

The Poker Girls and Sam & Dan went down with nary a second thought.

Though Ericka is afraid of water, and Brian is afraid of heights, they both went for it.  Good for them.

Matt & Gary went down whooping in joy.

Mika & Canaan?  They are facing problems.  Mika has little water wings, and won't even go near the water slide, no matter how much Canaan cajoled her.  He offered to walk her to the slide.  Then, he tried to push her onto it, and she was a fit of shrieks.  She couldn't say enough how stupid stupid stupid the stunt was, and he said she was breaking her heart.  She said a little prayer, and sat down on the slide, and held onto the bar, and he tried to help her let go, but she whined about how much she hates her life.  She asked Canaan why he hates her, and he didn't deny it, but just said it was because it was a stupid slide.

The Globe Trotters showed up, while Mika was crying about the slide.  That gave them a time limit.  They have 2 minutes to go when another team is behind them.  The Globe Trotters started trash talking, and Mika ran out of time.  Down the Globe Trotters went with no problems.  Mika called Big Easy a piece of crap.

Finally, Canaan decided to go down first, and Mika was left back at the top crying.  She walked down the stairs and gave up. 

The Pitstop is at the resort, and it's Dolphin Bay Beach.

Meghan & Cheyne came in first.  Good for them.  They celebrated with a jump in the ocean.  They each won a personal watercraft.

The Poker Girls finished second, followed closely by Sam & Dan. Ericka & Brian were next.  Matt & Gary showed up next, followed by the Globe Trotters, and then quitter Mika and Canaan.  They are out of the race because she couldn't get over her fear. 

I know I would have been terrified of such a high slide, but I'd like to believe I could suck up my fear for a million dollars.  Truly.

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Jeanne said...

Good episode! Those hookahs looked so frustrating though. I can't believe either that she couldn't suck it up enough for $1 million. Although I did think the trash talking by Globe Trotters was kind of mean, but hey it's a game. Teams trash talk during food challenges too.