Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amazing Race 10.18.09

From Cambodia, they have to get to the Burj Dubai, with only the clue of flying to the Persian Gulf and going to the world's highest building (still under construction) in Dubai.  They have to get there, and take an elevator to the top.

Thank goodness for the internet cafe, and teams were able to do some easy research.  Ericka knew it was in Dubai, and the Globe Trotters were able to get their research down in no time.  Sam and Dan think that the Persian Gulf is a country, but discover that they need to go to an actual country.  Lance & Keri plan on getting married no matter what because they have non-refundable deposits for the wedding.  They get bad connections at the Internet cafe, but end up getting on the same flight as everyone else.

Maria & Tiffany get to the list for sign ups first, followed by Brian & Ericka and then Dan & Sam, and they get signed up for the 5:30 AM ride in the elevatore. Cheyne & Megan manage to get the last spot on that elevator ride.  Mika & Canaan did some yelling at their cabbie, and get the next group, along with Lance & Keri, The Globe Trotters, and Gary & Matt, who are all taking the 5:45 elevator.

The 5:30 AM group headed up, and, waiting for her trip up, Mika was crying at the base of the building. She hates heights.  The first group got the next clue, and they don't have to jump off the building or anything.. they have to go to marked cars and go to the Dubai Dessert Reserve.

There is a Fast Forward - the only one in the race.  They can go to the Dubai Autodrome, drive a F1 race car, and complete the lap in 45 minutes.

Hilariously, Lance & Keri again take a wrong turn in the parking structure and can't find the marked cars.  Bwah ha ha.  It took them a long time (seemingly) to find it, and then Lance didn't want to ask for directions.

Cheyne & Megan hopped in to the fast forward, and they were the only ones who went for it.

Sam & Dan, Ericka & Brian, and Maria & Tiffany got to the Dessert Reserve first.   It's a Roadblock.

Who thinks they can beat the dessert heat? 

One person will choose a traditional bag, and search for buried water urns in the dessert, and fill their bags.  It is insane to try to find the urns.  Tiffany, Dan and Brian went off in search, followed by Big Easy.  The first couple urns didn't have any water, and they had to search a seemingly long time for them. 

Cheyne's first trip around the track at the Fast Forward was 40 seconds - they passed the Fast Forward, so to the Pit Stop with them - and they get to ride in a Mazaratti.  Nice.  Megan didn't like having to give up control while Cheyne did the task by himself.

Brian got the water first, and told Tiffany and Dan where the water was.  Good for him.  Dan broke his ladle, but Tiffany let him use hers.  Nice.

From there, on to Ski Dubai, an indoor ski area.  On the way there, Brian told Canaan & Mika how to get to the desert reserve.  He believes in karma. 

Problem in the parking lot - Maria backed over something and her radiator was gone in the car.  Ouch.  Punctured.  Sam & Dan decided to wait with them because of the ladle incident.  That might be a bad decision.  A new car is dispatched for Maria & Tiffany.

While Lance & Keri were still lost, Megan & Cheyne got to the mat first and Phil congratulated them with a trip to Jamaica.

After being super hot, the Ski Dubai was welcome.


Build a Snowman - Teams have to carry snow from inside to outside and build a traditional snowman before it melts.

Find a Snowman - Teams must sled down a ski hill, find a tiny snowman inside a hill and turn it over to a polar bear to get their next clue.

Meanwhile, back in the dessert, Lance was finding empty urns and throwing them in the dessert.  Real mature.  Mika was confused by the metric speedometer.

Brian & Erika were the first team to find the snowman.  It was tiny.  Good job for her.  Off to the pit stop with them.

Lance & Keri whined about going the wrong direction, and finally turned around. 

At the detour, a couple teams switched to the Building of a snowman. The Globe Trotters found the little snowman.  When they were leaving to get to their car, they ran into Canaan & Mika, and warned them to go back to the car and get their cold gear.  That was nice.

The Globe Trotters came in next, followed by Gary & Matt, Sam & Dan, Maria & Tiffany, and Mika & Canaan.  Lance & Keri came in last.  I was almost sure that they were going to end up with a non-elimination leg, just because the world is unfair to me, but happily, they are out.  Now who am I going to root against?  I kind of like everyone else...

What do you think?

Lance & Keri took a wrong turn because Lance wasn't listening to Keri.

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