Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project Runway - 10.22.09

The pre-Heidi spot included Carol Hannah being sad to see Shirin go, and Nicolas playing with his limp nasty hair and declaring his own awesomeness. 

Heidi met the designers on the Runway and I love her earrings.  They are going on a road trip with Tim to Rodeo Drive, where they will meet with someone who is famous around the world.

Rodeo Drive always reminds me of Pretty Woman.

They meet Tim at Michael Kors West Coast Flagstore, and Michael himself showed them photos of the locations that inspire his designs.  They will design fashions inspired by famous locales.

Carol Hannah, for winning the previous challenge, chose Palm Beach.

Tim pulled names for others. 

Nicolas chose Greece.

Althea chose St. Tropez.

Gordana chose NYC.

Irina chose Aspen.

Christopher chose Santa Fe

Logan was left with Hollywood.

They have 30 minutes to sketch, $150 at Mood, and until the end of the day to create their looks.

Back at the workroom, Irina got pissy because the other designers were joking and having fun.

Tim arrived for the look-see, and Gordana was working on a necklace instead of making a dress.  Nice necklace, but...  Tim thought that Althea's muslin start was pretty good.  He warned her to watch her proportions.  Christopher was too cliche for Tim, and he warned him to take care with his main pieces.  Irina bitched to camera about Christopher's style.  Carol Hannah's dress was also a bit cliche for Tim.  He warned her to make it hers.  Nicolas again was working in freaking white.  Tim told him to keep proportion, tayloring, and fit in mind.  Logan's look was a comfortable style, and Tim warned him to be cohesive and wow everyone.  Irina was last.  Her pants are done, and they are pretty cool, but I don't love the zippers on the lower hips.  The giant cowl neck was a bit scary.  Those models aren't very big.  She could get eaten alive.

Did Nicolas just dis Irina's look by saying it looked too much like a costume for a film, and he's not into that?  He could have fooled me!

Irina bitched some more about how awesome she is and how sucky everyone else is. 

Nicolas was upset because his top draping looked like Grecian Goddess and he was absolutely not going for that.  Because he had Greece.  Christopher took a look at his garment and realized it was Little House on the Prairie, and cut a whole bunch off the skirt.  Let's see if he can make it work.

Love fest back at the loft.  Althea's hair is looking very Farrah.  Everyone loves each other and everyone's a great designer.  Unless you ask Irina.  They didn't.

In the morning, silent panic, according to Carol Hannah.  They have 2 hours with models for fitting, hair, and makeup etc.

I am suddenly annoyed by Christopher's face framing beardish thing. 


The judges tonight are Heidi, Michael Kors (of course), Nina Garcia, and Milla Jovovich, just because.  She's apparently also a designer.

Logan's Hollywood look was really generic and I didn't like the suspenders.  Yes.  I just said suspenders.

Althea's look included hot gold shorts.  I kind of liked it.

Nicolas' look was really bland.  The sleeves were too long and it was nothing special.  Blah.

Carol Hannah's dress was kind of cute, and I liked the detail in back.  It was see through, though.

Christopher's dress was really sweet on, and I really liked the belt.

Irina's pants were good, and the cowl was neat, but the coat was weird and not needed unless she was getting cold because of the cutout in the back of the sweater.

Gordana's necklace was really neat.  The dress was cute, but not too crazy interesting.

Althea repeated her middle of the road from last week and she was safe.

Irina's outfit was lauded by many.  Michael thought it was literal 80's Aspen with a twist.  Heidi called her pants impeccable.

Christopher's belt was interesting, but the rest of the outfit was called uninspired.

Carol Hannah's print was a good thing.  Nina loved the detail in the top.  Milla would live in the dress.  Michael thought it could be worn with flip flops or with serious jewelry.

Nicolas's journey to Greece was unsucessful.  Blah.

Gordana's dress was called quite beautiful.  Heidi loved the necklace.  Michael called it very Park Avenue.

Logan was inspired by Lindsay Lohan or Mary Kate Olsen.  Ugh.  The judges thought they could have been cooler.  Michael said it was clothes, not fashion.  Milla wanted him to spray paint the pants or something similarly wild.

In the discussion, Milla said if it was called Project "I Didn't Mind It," Logan would win.  Bwah ha ha.

Carol Hannah was the first one sent to safety.  Irina was the winner, because she made such a luxe look for so little money.  That may be, but she's still a bitch.  Gordana was also safe.  Heidi told her to have confidence and sell her designs and stop selling herself short on the runway.  Heidi warned Logan, Christopher, and Nicolas that while they are very talented, they all need to pump up the volume.  Logan was safe.

Nicolas missed the mark and ignored the location assignment.  Christopher's design was wishy washy and lacking the dream.  Still, Christoper is safe, and Nicolas and his greasy hair, white passion, and high attitude of himself are out.

Milla Jovovich was really cute and said that she doesn't know how the regular judges do it, and looked like she was going to cry.

Next week, the designers are horrified by their challenge, someone makes something that Tim thinks is waiting for a diaper, and Althea thinks that Logan is reuising her collar from the Christina Aguillera challenge.  Fun lies ahead!

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Lori said...

Just watched. Wow, Irina is a bitch. I don't know what happened with Christopher, he started the season so strong. Hopefully he improves next week or he should go next. I loved Jordana's dress the best. Gorgeous necklace!