Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top Chef - 10.7.09

Ash didn't go to culinary school.  Michael V. has a hard time looking straight at the camera but loves his kids. Jennifer is not feeling well, but soldiers on.

Quickfire Challenge

Tyler Florence is the guest judge for this challenge. (which I have never heard of) is sponsoring.  They have to create a dish with 3 key words - mood, taste & texture, what kind of cuisine - and their words are chosen by a slot machine.  And it's a high stakes.

Mike I (stressed, umami, asian) made raw mushroom salad with yuzu emulsion. 

Laurine (tart, romantic, latin)  made crusted goat cheese salad with orange jalapeno vinaigrette and hibiscus flowers.

Ash (tired, tart, italian) made a "pantry" pasta puttanesca

Michael V (adventrous, tangy, asian) made a yuzu curd with whipped greek yogurt and seaweed cracker.

Eli (umami, latin american) made a mushroom ceviche with avocado marble.

Kevin Red Beard (stressed, spicy, asian) made a char-grilled pork with vietnamese herb salad.

Bryan (adventurous, crispy, asian) made seared scallops with bok choy and tempura beads.

Robin (stressed, umami, middle eastern) made a root vegetable hash with cumin and curry oil.  Padme pointed out that curry isn't middle eastern. Oops.

Ashley (blue, cheesy, middle eastern) made a feta pudding with sumac dusted halibut.

Jennifer (adventerous, nutty, american) made Maine Diver sea scallops with pistachios and salmon roe.

In the bottom were Robin, Eli, and Jennifer.  For the top, Mike I (booo), Red Beard (who had never cooked Asian food before), and Michael V. Red Beard brought in the win!  Yay!

He won either immunity or $15K.  He took the money. Good for him.

They are getting a dinner party at their place, where they will learn more about their elimination challenge.

They thought that they were going to be treated to dinner... until they got to their kitchen and it was stocked.  Padme told them to come out onto the deck.  They have to do a dinner party in 3 hours for Tyler and three other impressive chefs, and the judges.  Each chef (guests) were holding bags with ingredients.  Knives were drawn to get teams of 2 for which bag they got.

Eli and Ashley, Ash and Michael, Red Beard and Jennifer, Mike I and Robin,and Laurine and Bryan, were working together.  People staked out space - all overthehouse because the kitchen was too small. Macy's provided things like electric woks, which Michael V decided to use to boil water.  Red Beard ended up with Bok Choy and some Asian sauces.  Ashley is going to make pasta or gnocchi.  Mike I. is unfamiliar with the Asian ingredients, but still doesn't want to let Robin have much input. 

Tom did a walk through, and seemed unhappy about Ashley and Eli's prawns over gnocchi.

Ash decided to let Michael cook and went down to set the table.  Let's see how well that works out.

Oh crap.  Circuits were tripping and Michael was having a hard time getting his fish cooked on an electric griddle.  That sucks.  Hope that works out.  Robin's tuna was looking a bit overcooked.  Eli oversalted Ashley's gnocchi. 

Sponsor moment as Tyler touted Macy's culinary council.

Family style serving!

Ashley & Eli - Grilled Spot prawns with red beet creme fraiche sauce over gnocchi and kale.

Robin & Mike - (Mike described the bag as something that he got, and a lot for him to work with.  As if Robin was not there. Until he started describing the food....) Marinated mushrooms & pickled asian pear roll with seared tuna & scallop.

Laurine & Bryan - Halibut with sherry chorizo vinaigrette, yellow corn cake, and avocado mousse.

Red Beard & Jennifer - bbq kobe beef with cardamom tomato and ginger broth.

Michael & Ash - pancetta wrapped halibut with egg yolk ravioli, asparagus and fennel salad (play on a deconstructed carbonara).

Judge's Table

Going back first are Laurine, Bryan, Jennifer, and Red Beard.  They are the top dishes.  Jennifer and Red Beard worked together - with Red Beard working the meat, and Jennifer with the sauce.  They loved Byran's chorizo vinaigrette.  In the end, though, it was Red Beard and Jennifer's dish that won, with Jennifer taking the win for her sauce - and she got a $10K gc to Macy's.  She said that she might buy a suit or something for Red Beard.  Ha ha.

Michael, Ash, Eli, and Ashley were sent back in the bottom.  Tyler told Michael that the power going out is not a valid excuse.  Ash stood up for Michael's idea, and said it was like washing paint brushes for Picasso, and he was happy to wash paint brushes.  Eli liked the sauce and the prawns, but Toby brought up that some of the prawns were not cooked.  Ashley admitted that was her fault, because she didn't want to overcook them, and she admitted that gnocchi was heavy for an al fresco meal.  They never discussed not serving them once they realized the sauce was too salty with them.  That could be the fatal error.

In the end, it was Ashley going home.   I think it was the right decision.

What about you? 

Next week - brothers fight, Robin and Mike I. fight, and more!  Who's excited? Me!

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TROLL Y2K said...

Good decision. Dish was conceptually flawed from the outset, and under-cooking prawns sealed her fate.