Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 10.14.09

Final Vegas Night!

77 dancers are left at the beginning of Day 2, and the first choreography up was Laurie Ann Gibson's Jazz.  She took no prisoners.

The husband and wife team (Karen and Matthew) were split up for the routine.  Karen seemed to do a really good job.  She has stage presence, that's for sure.  She is safe, but Nigel let her know that it was close.  Matthew seemed to be struggling mightily.  He's out.  Poor Karen was so sad for him. 

Others also had big problems with Jazz.  Nigel looked disgusted.  The feelings were just not there.  By the end of the round Iveta and Willem were cut.  So sad!  I loved both of them. 

Mollie Gray and Billy Bell were up in the last round, as was krumper Russell.  I continue to be blown away by Russell.  Mollie was told she has to start dancing like a woman instead of like a little girl.  The judges were astounded how well Russell does with no formal training.  They are all through.

Oh no!  Mollie hurt her foot, claims it doesn't hurt.  She doesn't want the judges to know about it, but she ended up calling in the medics. 

69 dancers are left, and they are broken up in groups and have to choreograph their own routines to show to the judges in the morning.  I love this show because they don't go into all the drama like AI does...

Russell and four contemporary dancers had to choreograph a Broadway routine.  They only took an hour to work on their choreography night night before.  They did a very good job and had some fun moves.  Go Russell!  Love him!  They got wonderful reviews from the judges.  Nigel thought it was inventive and creative. The whole group is through.  Yay!

We saw very few of the rest of the routines.  I wish we had see more of it.

Mollie was in the last group.  She had gone to the hospital the night before, and they choreographed it without her.  She was able to come back after only 2 hours of rehearsal and she was determined to stay in it.  They had her in a chair for the choreography, but she was determined to get up and go for it.  They were up for a lot of the night.  They worked her hurt foot into the routine and she did a realyl cool split between the two guys.  Mia was making faces throughout.  She thought it was dumb.  Nigel thought that they hid beneath their characters, but didn't show their dancing so much.  They still got through the round.

Next up is contemporary with Mia.  Everyone was scared, but she had them meditate or something in the beginning and seemed to be going for a kinder, softer Mia.

Kevin Hunt was in the first group.  They loved his feet whle he was dancing (and so did I).  He is a hip hopper, and you would never know it.  He's through.

Lots of people seemed to do very well, and up last was Legacy's group.  Though I thought he was pretty bad, Mia called him perfectly imperfect and he was through. 

11 people got cut in contemporary.  Lots of people who made it through did some crying.

For the final round, the girls and the guys were split up for a Broadway routine from Tyce. 

In the first group is Pauline Marta who almost made the Top 20 last year.  In her final jump of the routine, she landed wrong and broke her ankle.  Holy crap, it looked like her foot almost fell off.  She sat and watched the rest of the girls.  (And in the end - she returned from the hospital and found out it was just a bad sprain.  Holy cow, that's one awful sprain!)

Ashley Dilello was in the final group (and she is the one who was kind of fake and weird in the ballroom with her husband, Ryan).  They told her that she's probably grown the most this week, and she is safe in this round.  Her husband (who is still in it, too) is super proud of her.

The girls went to play in the pool while the guys did their routines.  Montage of bikini clad young girls.

The boy's turn brought Ryan Dillelo out in the first group, and he ripped off his shirt to no one's disappointment.  He is already playing Skin to Win.  He's through this round.  there was a montage of other fantastic men. 

Dominic Pearson (who injured himself in the final round of Season 4's Vegas Week) is back.  He was feeling confident, but seemed to be completely off in the choreography.  In the end, he fell of the stage on purpose.  He only got 2 votes and he's out.  In tears, he crumbled to the ground.  Nigel told him that he needs to buck it up and not cry when he gets cut, because dancing is a tough game.  6 more guys got cut before the round was over.

Final Solo time!

38 dancers are left, including poor Pauline. 

Billy Bell's solo was up first.  It was a beautiful solo that made Adam Shankman lose his cool.  He was in tears.  I don't think it was quite that beautiful, but I could be wrong.

Montage of solo bits.  Wish we had seen more of them.  They looked fantastic.  There was one boy channeling Rocky in his gold underpants.  Mia threw her comb at one person.

And who's in the Top 20?  We won't know until next week!

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