Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 10.6.09

Salt Lake City time!

Nigel and Mary are joined by Mia on the judges panel. 

Bryan Boyer is up first, and he has pink hair with a black racing stripe.  He's got absolutely insane moves and is a good performer to boot.  All three judges loved him, and Nigel and Mia called him one of the strongest B-boys they've ever seen.  On to choreography with him!  He went right out into the lobby and found someone to help him practice for it.

Tristy Mirci has been in 25 car accidents in the course of 3 years.  Montage of crashed up cars.  She was always the passenger, and I can't imagine her friends ever said "sure, Tristy, I'll give you a drive."  Unfortunately, she is a really bad dancer.  Really, painfully bad.  I think my (completely untrained) 6 year old dances better than she does.  She has danced for 3 years, and Nigel thought that someone has been taking her money under false pretenses. Another crash for Tristi.

Hayley Cloud herniated a disc in her back from a dancing injury, and she's done acupuncture and therapy and feels better now.  She moves with great passion, and has very powerful gymnastic moves, too.  Mary called her strong, powerful, and uninhibited.  Mia wanted to see her hold a handstand for the time it took to do the judging, and she did it for a while.  Nigel asked about her injury, and she said that she "sat and watched" her competitors and knew that she couldn't live without dance.  Nigel likes her style.  She's on to Vegas.

Megan Kinney is back and she is just as delightful as I remember her.  Genise Ruidaz was someone we haven't seen before, but she was gorgeous and did an amazing back bend with her leg up in the air.  To Vegas with them! 

Montage of pretty girls and Nigel being lecherous.

Ariana Lowrey is with a Burlesque troop - her stage name is Satine La Rouge.  She is 21, but looks about 40.  She stripped!  She has a big bow on the back of her undies, and she did a chair dance on stage.  Mary said "straight to Vegas!" but I don't think she meant that Vegas.  Nigel drooled some and asked if he could see it again.  Mia was left speechless.  Nigel thought it was fantastic. But dancing?  Mia called it weak and trashy, but wants to see her in choreography.  Nigel drooled some more and sent her to choreography.

Iveta Lukosuite grew up in Lithuania under Soviet control and has a non-competing partner.  She's very sparkly (and so is he).  She was captivating.  Nigel called her vivacious, and compared her dancing to Pasha and Anya's audition.  Mary thought she was exquisite and choked up some. Mia loves being overwhelmed by talent and called her magical.  Vegas for Iveta!

Choreography round.  Bryan gave up after 15 minutes of the choreography, but he swore to return next year after some lessons.  Stripper girl should also have quit.  She was absolutely dreadful and stiff and unable to do any sort of dancing.

Day 2

Pascal Niyigaziki thinks that he becomes songs and doesn't do the same old moves every day.  He crawled around on the floor for a while and praced around the stage and threw himself down on his back really hard before having a spasm and ripping his shirt to shreds.  Mary cackled to Mia about how now they have a stripper.  The judges spasmed along with him.  Nigel thought his style was bad food poisoning meets tsetse fly bite and then uncontrollable shaking.  Mary asked where he has trained, and he said "where haven't I trained," and he tried to sell himself as a good investment.  Mia asked what his style was, and he said it was hip hop (they said no), then swagger (they said no) before finally settling on Pascal style.  They denied him a trip to Vegas.  He certainly doesn't lack ego.

Montage of couples auditions.

Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello are married and competed against each other before getting married and partnering on the floor together.  They were quite good.  Mary liked him, but thought that Ashleigh seemed fake and missed magnetism.  Mia thought there was a missing link for Ashleigh, but thought that Ryan was everything.  Nigel agreed with the women, and worried that Ashleigh was performing the chemistry too much instead of feeling it.  To choreography with both of them!

Josh Murillo and Leigh Asey have only been partners for 2 weeks.  She's auditioned before.  I was impressed by their legs and foot work.  She lost a toenail!  The whole thing came off!  Nigel applauded her for nailing it.  Hunky medic came in and bandaged her up.  Her adreneline went down and she was in a lot of pain.  Mia told her she was amazing.  Their two week partnership came together tightly.  They asked Josh to come back for choreography, but gave Leigh her ticket straight to Vegas.  To the hospital with her!

After choreography, Josh was cut.  Ryan was sent through to Vegas.  But is Ashleigh?  Nigel worred that she was twee in places, but sent her through to Vegas anyhow.  Good!

Tomorrow - Vegas!!!  I'm so excited!

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