Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: 10.7.09


152 dancers - to be culled down to just 20.  That's intense.

The full panel is there - Tyce, Debbie, Adam, Mia, Mary, Nigel.

Solos are up first.  No feedback from judges after this round.

Nathan Trosorus, who was too young last season, is back this season.  He had a ticket straight to Vegas from his last audition, so that's pretty special.  His oves are unique and fun, and he's a truly good performer.

Ellenore Scott is up next, and she had a solo with a ton of personality and great acting skills, as well as great dancing.  The judges (except for Mia) gave her a standing O.

Montage of nameless solos.

After the first 10 solos, two are cut, but two I don't recall.

More solos and happy judges - including Shelby Skipper with his New Orleans bounce.  Everyone was through the round.

Allison Becker (the hearing impaired dancer) and trying to get out of the ghetto Thomas Hamilton are in the next round.  Thomas climbed the tower and got called down by Nigel, and only did a bunch of running around.  Both of them are out.  More nameless cuts were revealed.

Same Sex Ballroom dancers Jacob and Willem are in the next set of solos.  Willem is kept, Jacob is cut.  He left without saying goodbye to Willem.  Sad.

41 people were cut by the end of that round.

The next round is hip hop.  Everyone has to dress the part, and Tabitha and Napoleon were up for choreography.  (Teddy o'the plaid pants thinks he's ghetto for wearing red shoes and a white t-shirt.  Not so much, but he's still cute.)

Teddy's group is up first for their performances.  Nigel stopped the music before it was done, but sent them all through.  I thought Teddy did well.

Next group included hip hopper Jean Lorette (or so) and he was cut, because even though he is great on his own, his ability with the choreography was not good.

(Was that just Megan Kinney cut?)

Ryan Kazperczak split the vote 3-3 and he is safe this round, but needs to watch himself.  Nigel worried that he spent too much time watching the show and not enough time practicing.  Hope that he does better!

Cha cha is the first thing the next day, choroeographed by Louis van Amstel and assisted by Anya.  The routine was insanely fast and intricate.

Billy Bell took a blow to the face and was bleeding profusely from the nose.  If he can stop bleeding, he can go back on stage.

The Lone Crumper Russell was partnered with Iveta for the round.  Billy Bell stopped bleeding, and tried to learn the choreography from his partner before taking the stage.

I am more than impressed with Russell's leg work.   Iveta is astounding.  They are through.  Russell and Iveta got a shout out from Adam.  Deservedly.

Montage of others doing beautifully in the ballroom round.  Can Billy Bell do well with the reduced rehearsal time?  He never got to rehears it with music.  Legacy (B-Boy) and Paula (contemporary) are also in the group.  Billy got kind of lost in the beginning.  Legacy did not do so well, but he is asked to dance for his life later.  Billy did well enough to get through.  Good for him.

Ryan is in the final group of the day.  Oh, how I hope he does well!  Ryan didn't get the feel of the dance down (Nigel said he looked like he was trying to mug the girl instead of trying to dance with her), and heis gone this season.  So sad!  Hope that he comes back!

John Litzler the Tumbler and Legacy were up to dance their solos.  John did great tumbling, but Nigel was disappointed that he brought no personality to the stage.  Mary votes to give him another chance, as does Adam.  Debbie gives him a no, as does Mia.  Tyce is the deciding vote, and can't give him yes, because he wanted more life from him.  They all wanted him to come back to audition again.  Legacy lost it a little in his pre-dance interview, crying some.  Can he bring that passion to the stage?  He was pulling out all the stops.  Nigel told him that his cha cha stinks, but he needs him to be able to dance on his feet too.  Nigel votes him into the next round, as does Tyce.  Mia swore about him some, in a good way, but was annoyed at his frequent stops in his dancing (I agree).  Debbie gave him a yes, as did Adam (who also scolded him for his poor transitions).  He's through.

Teddy Tedholm was cut, as was New Orleans Bouncer Shelby Skipper...

77 dancers left to compete next week.  Can't wait!

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