Thursday, October 8, 2009

Project Runway - 10.9.09

Heidi met the designers on the Runway, and brought out their new models - brides!  In gowns!

The models are recently divorced, and want to turn their wedding dresses into "hip, cool, outfits" that they can wear in their single lives.

This seems rather awful.  Some of the ladies have been divorced for over a decade, but others have only been in proceedings for a couple months.  Kind of ... wrong.  I don't know.

The designers chose their models.  The women with the most yardage went first.  Shirin was left with the last pick - a dress with nothing added onto it.

While they played with their fabric and their sketches, Tim told them that the last Immunity of the show is up for grabs.  And it's a one day challenge. He sent in the divorcees.  Nicolas' model wants only cruelty free fabric.  Shirin's crazy model wants a Cher costume with a headdress.  Shirin didn't like that idea so much.  Time brought them to Mood, and they have $25, and up to 2 yards of fabric and other things they need.

Gordana had a phone call home and did some crying.  Shirin hated her dress and her model's wishes.  She looked about ready to cry right with Gordana.  Some people tried dying their fabric. 

Enter Tim.  He is instantly worried about Christopher, and worried that the model wanted to look like a Cougar.  He is impressed with Irina's dye job.  He thought that Epperson's look was a little lab coaty.  Logan's look was also worrisome to Tim. Gordana did another nice dye job, and Tim liked it.  Other designers laughed as Shirin explained to Tim what her model wanted.  He reminded her that she is the one who is in danger of going home, not the model.  Tim actually put his arm around her and reassured her, and told her to play with the textiles and just be liberated. 

The divorcees came in for another fitting. Shirin's model had kind of a snotty attitude.  Shirin admitted that she didn't care so much, but just wanted to do something that she could be proud of.

The next morning, the designers are off to put the finishing touches on their looks. When the models came in, some loved their new looks, and others (like Shirin's) just can't stop complaining.  Nicolas hates his own look, but his model likes it.

The actual models got to teach the divorcees how to walk.  Interesting.


Michael Kors, Zanna, and Tamara Mellon joined Heidi as judges.

Irina's dress was so much better than the acetate mess she started with.

Shirin's dress was interesting, because she didn't have much to work with.  She ended up doing stitching in a dark color to make a design on it, and I liked it.  Her (annoying) divorcee rocked the runway.  The back did not look well fitted.

Logan's look was something.  I did not like the way the pants fit at all.

Carol Hannah's model had a great walk, and she really worked with the tulle.

Althea's look was really cute,and you would never guess it originated as a wedding dress.

Nicolas thinks that he created a hideous thing.  The pants were a nice color, but I kind of agree with him.

Gordana's dress was really neat.  Very different from the original.

Christopher's dress was kind of space age, but I will never like anything related to a bubble dress.

Epperson's dress looked much better when the little jacket came off, but it was still kind of... eh.

Carol Hannah, Nicolas, and Althea are safe.

Gordana's dress got rave reviews. She only used the lining from the wedding dress.  The judges loved it, and so did the divorcee.

Christopher's fabric choice was called inventive, but Michael thought it looked like a metallic hefty bag, cinched.  Not good.

Epperson's dress was called Oktoberfest by Heidi, and Pirate Wench by another.  Not good.

Shirin explained what her model wanted, and Heidi was glad that she didn't listen.  Shirin's stitching was a really good idea.  Very nice.

Logan's trousers and vest also reminded Heidi of Oktoberfest.  The execution was called amateur, and the cuffs were totally not ok.  One of the judges called it a tragedy.

The judges were impressed by Irina's dress, and they loved the color.  Heidi called it unbelievable.

Shirin is safe.  Gordana won the challenge.  Cool.  Good for her.  Irina is also safe, as is Christoher.

It's between Logan and Epperson, who are sadly two of the normally most talented designers in the competition.  In the end, it was Epperson going home.  All of the Logan-loving models just squealed.  Poor Epperson.  He was so good in so many ways.  Just not this week.

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