Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 10.21.09

The Top 20 Revealed!  Finally!

(And I think the final show that Mia is going to be on - because she let the world she quit via twitter, in case you didn't know)

Too Young To Audition last season, Straight to Vegas Nathan is up first.  He's in.

Montage of nameless disappointment.  It's hard to feel sad losing people when I don't remember them.

Ballet David is not going to be in this season.  Mary told him he needs to come out of himself a little more.

Katheryn McCormack auditioned in LA but is from Georgia.  She's really cute.  She's also quick to cry and she squeaks when she cries.  That could get annoying.  In fact, before she was even done with the judges, it's gotten annoying.  The judges even commented on her squeakiness, but she's in the Top 20.

Channing Cook is also really sweet. Nigel told her she is almost too strong and needs to work on working with a partner.  She's into the Top 20.

Quick yeses to Ariana Dubois and Eleanor Scott.  I liked both of them a lot, so good.

Early judge favorite Billy Bell o' the bloodied nose would have his scholarship held from Juliard if he gets in - and he's going to have to do that, because he's in.

Jake Gidry and someone else I don't recognize are not in. 

Amber Jackson is not on this season.  Mary wants her to find her star personality.

How about Crumper Russell?  He seems a shoe-in to me, because he has blown me away the whole time.  He is indeed in the Top 20.  Hooray!

Hip Hopper Kevin Hunt joins him. 

Bianca Revels, Philip Atmoore, and Peter Sabasino are all tappers and are all waiting to find out their fates. 

Bianca is up first.  Nigel told her that she would make it in for her tap alone, if that's how it worked.  It doesn't, though, and contestants have to be versatile.  She turns out to be versatile enough and she's in!  Yay!  I love her!

Philip is up next.  His attitude was questioned, but he's in.  Good.  He was excellent.

Finally, Peter's turn.  He's going to be the third tapper in the Top 20!  Awesome.

It really is looking to be the Year of the Tapper.  Slick.

Montage of other rejectees.  I didn't recognize any of them, so it doesn't bother me.

Victor Smalley who had a faux-hawk and was basically asked to shave it off is in, though.

Jakob Carr (?) who I think I remember liking also made it.

Mollie Gray is up next.  Has she learned to dance like a woman instead of a little girl?  I don't know.  Neither does Nigel.  She got some no's, but she's in. 

Her new best friend Noel is hoping to also make it to the Top 20.  First, though, it's Golf-Ball Ankle Girl Pauline MartaPauline is through, despite not being able to do the last round.  Cool.  I liked her.

Noel was cut in Broadway in Season 5, but she's in the Top 20 this season.  I forsee tears when she or Mollie is cut.

Montage of more disappointed anonymous folks.

Legacy is up next.  He is also in. 

Paula is also in.  I like her a lot, too.

Ryan and Ashley Dilello don't know if they will both make it. 

Ryan is up against Gene Bursley, who is also a ballroom dancer.  Ryan has made it.  I liked him better than Gene, so I'm glad for that.

Ashley is up against Karen Hauer, who also auditioned with her husband (though he was cut earlier).  Karen is in, which means the married couple is split up.  I feel very badly for her.  She was in tears, and so was her husband. 

Or are they????

She's in as well!  What? 

Paula turned down the spot in the Top 20!  She decided to drop out because she got a contract for a movie.  Good for her, and good for Ashley!  Slick!

I can't wait for the performances!

Did your favorites make it?

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Jeanne said...

I love Billy and Russell. I liked Paula too but I guess good for her to get a movie. I like the tap dance girl too. It's gonna be a good season. Although I can't stand the high squeak girl...