Sunday, October 4, 2009

Amazing Race - 10.4.09

The pit stop from the previous leg was a boat, and they traveled to a different city in Vietnam.  Teams have to taxi to Ho Chi Minh and look for a Water Dragon Puppet Theatre for their next clue. 

Gary and Matt were off first.  The Brothers had a hard time getting a taxi.  One of the Globe Trotters (I think Big Easy) lost his dad right before the race.  Lance and Keri thought they were already in Ho Chi Minh City, not knowing that they had moved to a new city during the pit stop.  Finally, a local told them that they were not in the right place.  It was emotional for Marcy to be in Vietnam, because her dad was shot down in the war (and survived).

The Globe Trotters were the first ones to reach the theatre,and they had tograb their clue from the mouth of a water spouting dragon puppet. Fun.

Their clue is a tiny capsule with a stamp in it - and they have to figure out that they need to go to the building on the stamp.

Matt and Gary got their clue no problem, and Zev and Justin also did well.

At the building, it's a Detour.

Child's Play - Teamshave to choose a concrete animal at a local park and pick up five balloons along the path to the playground.

Word Play - Teams have to go to an observation deck and look for letters on the tops of vehicles.  Once they get the right letters, they have to get a local to help them decode the letters into a word.

The Globe Trotters chose Child's Play.  Smart choice, in my opinion.

Back at the puppet theatre, Lance & Keri are clueless about opening the capsule, and think they have lost their clue someplace. I think Keri has to have the most annoying voice ever.  It's like Janice from Friends mixed with Fran Drescher.  Not pretty.

Seems that mostly everyone chose Child's Play.... except for Marcy & Ron.  And Marcy has a whistle for use in taxi hailing.  It may be annoying, but it seems to work.

The Globe Trotters got their next clue, which sent them to Dien CO 008, a busy intersection where they will find their next clue.

Keri & Lance had trouble finding the clue box at the building.

Marcy & Ron were doing a good job spotting the letters, but they got one wrong, so had to start again.  When they finally got all the letters, they missed the part where they are supposed to ask for help deciphering the words... they looked like crazy all over the place for a word with those letters.  Finally, they got help and made their word, heading to the next clue.

Zev & Justin ended up getting a giraffe, and that was akward to maneuver.  It fell and the ear broke off.  Oops.  Luckily, Zev can read clues and noticed that it said that if any piece breaks, they have to pick up all the pieces so they can get balloons. Maria & Tiffany's dolley broke, and Sam & Dan went back to help them, but they told them to go ahead.  Ericka & Brian chose a zebra "because it worked so well for" them - showing clasped black and white hands. 

I think this is one of those detours that doesn't look as hard as it is.  Tiffany was sweating up a storm.   Lance & Keri managed to knock over some of the things at the

Roadblock - Who's Ready for a Complete Breakdown?

They have to work in a chop shop, and break down, disassemble, and sort 2 VCRs.

The Globe Trotters finished first, and are heading to the Pit Stop at the Reunification Palace.  Unfortunately, cab drivers seemed to have no idea where this historic place is.  They finally got some help, but not before Cheyne & Meghan got in front of them.  In the foot race for first place, no one could beat the Globe Trotters.  They won a trip for two to Aruba.  Cheyne & Meghan were happy for them wanted to tackle them, I think.

Gary & Matt came in next.

Lance & Keri continued to bicker and get lost and complain about everything.  I really hope they lose.  Justin was taking forever at taking the VCRs apart.  When Lance got there, he decided it was the "man thing to do" to rip the thing apart with his hands.  Well, it did get it done quickly.  While Justin still worked on his VCR, Ron came in and made short work of the VCRs. 

Brian & Ericka came in fourth on the mat, followed by Sam & Dan.  Tiffany & Maria were next, and then Mika & Canaan.  Whgile looking for the pitstop, Keri & Lance again got lost, allowing Zev & Justin to come in 8th, with Lance & Keri coming in next.  Lance declared he is the most competetive person in the game. I think he's just a jerk.

Sadly, Marcy & Ron came in last, and were eliminated from the race.  Goodbye, Marcy's Whistle.

Next week, a passport is lost.  Cue ominous music.  I hope it's Keri & Lance.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh I can't stand Lance! He's such an ass. I missed the previews for next week but I hope they are eliminated!