Thursday, October 15, 2009

Survivor Samoa: 10.15.09

At Galu, after their first tribal council, their was still an ember of fire.  Shambo is feeling out of the loop.  Everyone else was happy when Shambo went to bed.  The other girls are feeling like Shambo just doesn't fit in.  Monica knows that Shambo was the only one who voted against her and is on a mission to get rid of her.

In the morning, Erik had a battle with the ocean.  How dare it have strong waves when he was trying to wash himself?  Over at Foa Foa, the ocean was also wreaking havoc on their camp.

Tree Mail indicated a gross food from the ocean challenge.  And they have to keep it down. Ashley thinks that she'll be great at the challenge because she'll eat anything once.  Liz told Evil Russell that Ashley was going to suck at the challenge.  Evil Russell told the other men that Liz was trying to sow seeds of dissent.  He didn't like the competition at the mind game.

Reward Challenge

Jeff is making a smoothie of several different ocean ingredients (as determined by a throw of a ball, roulette style).  Each person who gets it down is a point (no time limit), and the first to five points wins a Survivor BBQ.  The person sent to the other tribe has to miss the reward.

Now, I would like to think that I could eat almost anything, but a smoothie would be much harder.

Kelly, Laura, and John sit out for Galu.

Shambo and Jaison got giant clam and Jeff's choice.  He added octopus, sea snails, noni juice, and a seaweed garnish.  Shambo rocked it out without a problem.  Jaison struggled, but kept it down in the end. 

Next was Evil Russell vs. Not Evil Russell.  They both got jellyfish, which Jeff blended with milk.  Not Evil Russell had no problem, and Evil Russell had a harder time, but got it down.

Mick vs. Brett, and they got giant clam with sea cucumber, which Jeff mixed with milk.  Dr. Mick got it first.  Brett licked his glass and kept it down.

Monica and Liz faced each other next and both got sea urchin.  Jeff garnished with seaweed.  Both of them got it down, with Monica finishing first.

Ashley and Dave were up next.  They got sea slug guts.  Jeff blended it with water.  Will Ashley live up to her claim?  Dave was making vomiting sounds and Ashley turned her back and plugged her ears.  She was having a seriously awful time of it.  Are Liz's claims warranted?  Yes, indeed.  She was super close to finishing it, but gave up.  That does not bode well for her.  Galu won the challenge.  Russell decided to send Shambo over to Foa Foa, and she let it be known that she didn't think it was very fair, and asked him to spread the love.  He denied it, and muttered that she has to pay for the chicken she lost.

Back at Foa Foa beach, Shambo said she would take a group hug instead of a steak.  Dr. Mick was disappointed in Ashley's inability to finish the shake.  She said she was close to passing out from her attempt.  Natalie was all happy and encouraging to her, but in the end, it was her fault that they lost.

Before the feast at Galu, Russell told the tribe that he sent Shambo because she needed to pay for losing the chicken.  They couldn't eat, though, because Russell messed up the fire.  Dave wanted to fix it, but said he had to ask the chief first.  Russell, in his kind of passive aggressive way, told Dave to go ahead and fix it.  Fix it, he did, and the Survivor BBQ was on. Dave said that he planned on downplaying his awesomeness, because actions speak louder than words.

Back at Foa Foa, Shambo told the tribe she was going to share her clues with the whole tribe, because they are more of a tribe to her than her own was.  Of course she did not find it, and the rest of the tribe thought that Ben might have had it.  Liz suspects that Russell has it and confronted him.  He threatened her and told her she was walking on thin ice for confronting him.

Oh, how Galu wished they had the tarp that Russell turned down when the rain came down in sheets.  For hours.  And hours.  Dave waded through flood waters to get tree mail. 

Immunity Challenge

Shambo returned to Galu and got almost no welcome, which Probst recognized.  In the pouring rain, Jeff told them that one man and one woman from each tribe will hang onto a rope connected to a net, while the other tribe tries to fill the net with coconuts.  The person who holds the net the longest wins.

Dave, Shambo, and Brett sit the challenge out.

Liz and Russell held ropes for Foa Foa.  Other Russell and Laura held ropes for Galu.  The rain poured down as the nets filled with coconuts.  Galu is scoring more than Foa Foa, and Ashley is missing all of her throws.  The rain poured down more.  Probst blogs that he loves rainy challenges, so I bet he was just in love with this one.  Russell was the first one down, with a huge net full of coconuts.  Liz hung on for dear life.  In the end, her net was just too full, and Galu was back on their winning streak.

I think that Ashley is going to be in trouble for her poor performance at both challenges.  I bet that Evil Russell will go after LizJaison's hands and feet were completely waterlogged, and he claimed to want to get out of there.  They were all huddled in the shelter, with little room for secret strategy.  Ashley wanted to know if they should talk about it in the open, or if they should just all vote individually.  They decided to keep quiet and vote on their own.  Ought to be interesting.  Russell is not happy with the rain delay of his strategy.  He is unhappy with Liz, but she is strong.

Tribal Council

Jeff asked Jaison what the toughest thing pre-Survivor he had done, and it was intense training for the US National team of water polo.  Jeff asked Ashley if the warm fire and shelter of Tribal was somewhat welcome.  Ashley says that her biggest connections on the tribe are Natalie and Russell.  Liz thinks that the adversity of always losing has brought them closer. 

Votes went to Ashley and Liz.  (And someone spelled Ashley's name Ashlie.  That's a new one).  She of the mispelled name is out.  I think she deserved to be out, because she did not hold her own in the challenges.  She was a cutie, but cute doesn't win challenges.  Even her buddy Natalie voted for her.  So much for no united front!

Next week, more storms and a call to medical!


Ed said...

I was genuinely surprised to see that Natalie voted for Ashley. Other than that, it was a pretty solid hour.

Also, I'm starting to think that Evil Russell is a bit more mouth than action; he hasn't gotten his way in the last two tribal councils...

Ed said...

Oh, and Jeff spelled her name Ashlee...