Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project Runway 10.1.09

The remaining designers are sad to see Ra'Mon gone.  Logan is a little uncomfortable moving in with Epperson, Christopher and Nicolas.  Gordana thinks that all of the designers are like Olympic athletes and they are all great.  Not so sure about that, necessarily...

Heidi meets the designers and tells the that their challenge will be colorful, and sends them to Tim in the workroom.  Martine from Macy's joined Tim, and told them that their challenge is about blue, and has to fit into the Ink brand, Macy's exclusive.  They have to do two looks, and the winner gets to design a holiday dress for the Ink line.  They will be working in teams, and it's a one day challenge.

They have 15 minutes to sketch, and they will pitch to Martine, who will pick 5 team leaders.

 The team leaders are Irina, Althea, Carol Hannah, Christopher, and Louise.

Althea chose Logan to work with her.  Christopher chose Epperson.  Louise chose Nicolas.  Irina chose Gordana.  Carol Hannah and Shirin were the final team.

The Mood budget is $100.  For each team?  Or each person?  I think it's per team.  Everyone seemed stressed and crazed.  Louise lost her money envelope.   She found it (and her drawing) without too much drama, but it's crazy.

Back at the work room, Carol Hannah doesn't like delegating.  Gordana and Irina are not getting along so well, either, and Irina is worried about having to do both her work and watching Gordana's work.  Nicolas is doing Louise's dress with tuxedo ruffles, and he thinks ruffles are heinous.  (He goes more for the lace, obviously).  Epperson is pleased to be working with Christopher.  Louise makes strange bird like noises when she's working. 

Tim arrived to peruse the work.  Tim doesn't like Carol Hannah's leggings idea.  I love Tim.  Tim was excited by the potential of Team Louise's looks.  He approved of Team Althea's modern non-stereotypical suit.  He worried that Team Irina didn't have a clear direction.  Team Christopher's shirt dress gave Tim a textile conundrum.  And I love the word conundrum.  He thinks that they have a chance to reinvent the shirt dress.  Nice.  He sends in the models.  There is still lots of work to be done.  Nicolas again lets his disdain for ruffles be known.

The next day, final adjustments got made.  Gordana worried that Irina was going to throw her on the bus.  That's right.

I bet Heidi wasn't wearing Ink at the Runway show.  It looked like a nightshirt.  Not her best look.

Runway Show

Michael is back, with Zana from Marie Claire, and Martine.

Irina's patchwork dress didn't look blue, and it's supposed to be blue.  I kind of like the dress that Gordana worked on.

Althea's first dress ended up drifting up the ass.  The second look had some great pants, but the top needed a bra.  Heidi isn't going to like it.

Louise's first look had crazy ruffles/rosettes.  Not good.  The second look with the hated ruffles was not bad.

Carol Hanna's looks were really cute.  I still hate the leggings.

Christopher's shirt dress had potential but didn't deliver.  I wish it wasn't so shimmery.  The bubble shirt was weird around the neck and not blue.

Althea and Logan are safe, and Heidi didn't even say anything about the need for a bra  or the drifting skirt.

Louise and Nicolas and Christopher and Epperson are in the bottom.

Carol Hannah and Shirin were told that they interpreted the brand well.  Both tops got props.  I liked them a lot.

Irina and Gordana admitted it was a challenge working together.  Irina wanted Gordana to step up for herself.  Heidi loved the patchwork dress.  Martine and Zana also loved the dress.  Michael loved the pattern usage.

Now, for the bottom two teams.

Heidi didn't like the crazy ruffles by Louise.  The rosette dress was a mess.  Michael called it a shower curtain with loofah's rouched up the front.  Heidi told Nicolas he is lucky to have immunity.

Heidi didn't think that Christopher's looks were modern.  Heidi also hated the bib in the second look.  Michael didn't think that the looks went together at all, and he thought the shirt dress was cliche.

Shirin was safe, and Irina was the winner of the challenge.  The judges just loved her looks.  I was not a huge fan, but that's ok, I guess.  Gordana and Carol Hannah were also sent to safety, as was Epperson.  Nicolas had immunity, so she was safe.

It's between Louise (bad, overworked bridesmaid's dresses, according to Heidi) and Christopher's "clueless" designs.  In the end, it was Louise who was gone.  But is Christopher safe?  He is, and there were more tears.

I think the right person went home.  And what do you think?

Irina's Holiday design was shown at the end, and it was pretty cool.

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