Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol: Down to 4 - Results Show 4/30/08

It's really getting down to the wire now! Who will it be tonight? Will they try to explain Paula's flub? This... is American Idol.

KLC is in attendance, knowing that she did the Patriotic song much better than David Archuleta.

The group sing is a tribute to Neil Diamond, and I don't know what the song is they started with, but I sure do wish that Jason had sung it last night. For the first time in the season, they are attempting dancing. David Cook takes the stage like a rockstar. Song Sung Blue is too low for both the girls, and Brooke grins through it, proving yet again that her grasp on song's meanings is very fragile. Everyone hugs Archuleta before he gets to take off with a song about a salvation show, right up his alley. He was loving that, you could tell. David Cook ends it like a rockstar.

After the break, we see that Constantine Maroulis and Gina Glocksen, both unable to leave Idol behind, are cohosting a show about American Idol on TV Guide Network. That's progress right there.

Ryan addresses "rumors" about Paula, basically saying that she is staying put, but not giving us any insight into what the heck was going on.

Jason Castro is first to find out his fate, (or J. Cas, if you prefer, I don't). He is safe. What the hell. Ridiculous.

David Archuleta is out next, and he is also safe. Boo. Looks like he was expecting to be in the bottom, and he is stunned to go to the couch.

(Next week is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Week. That's a good wide theme. Thank you.)

There's a teaser for So You Think You Can Dance, and I am so more than thrilled. Yippee!!!! Stay tuned for blogs on that one! Nigel needs a haircut. Blatant Coca-cola spot.

David Cook is up next. He is safe and I am happy.

The bottom two are Syesha and Brooke. Syesha is there by virtue of her being unmemorable. Brooke is there by virtue of a god-awful first song. They are going to have to wait to find out which one is not going to rocking the rock and roll hall of fame for a little while. It's time for Natasha Beddingfield!

(I really like this song, it's catchy - Pocket Full of Sunshine). That girl has pipes. Paula was dancing. I suspect, however, that Paula would dance to butterflies flying by. After her song, Natasha goes and fawns over David Archuleta. Ryan says that David A. wants to bring Natasha to the prom. She says she has a dress, Ryan brings up that she also has a boyfriend. lol.

Next, it's time for Viewer Calls. Ick. Ick. Ick. First, it's a question from a 10 year old. Paula blathers on about how American Idol is hard. Paula and Randy mention animated cats, Randy insists he would be a Dawg. Simon kissed a girl when he was 9, and she called in. That was kind of cute. He remembers her name, too, which is awesome. It's actually kind of cute. Simon seemed embarrassed.

Ford Commercial time. The Idols can miraculously clean up unsightly things. I miss Syesha's afro.

And now, Neil Diamond. I fast forwarded through him. He wants you to buy his new album. I am not going to.

We finally get to see who is going home. Brooke is already crying, and is unsurprised when Ryan tells her she's done. (I cheered). I think that Brooke will do well, and have a recording career, but I am glad that she is not going to grace the Idol stage again. I still can't stand Celebrate Me Home. Worst. Song. Ever.

As her boot off song, she is singing I Am, I Said, and she attempted to restart it, but was denied by the band, who stridently played on. David Cook tried to hug her in the middle of the song, and she seemed to shrug him off. Go cry Brooke, go cry.


Anonymous said...

Ok...I laughed, but wonder if most people missed this. When Natasha Bedingfield said she wanted to go see David....David Cook stood up, and then she went over to David A, and David C just stood there a little ackwardly. Did you notice that? Anyways...glad Brooke is week should be fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog! Saw your siggy on the BB. I haven't see Idol yet, but now in case I miss a few minutes, I can rest assured that since I've read the blog that I know what really went on! Yeah - finally Brooke is out of the pic. Pluuuuease let Jason go, go, go... I'd listen to hours of Syesha to see him leave, eyes and all. THX for the commentary! : P