Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yay for a New Season - Doctor Who!!!!!

I finally got to watch the Season Premiere (Christmas Special) episode of Doctor Who that premiered on Friday night on SciFi.

Oooooh, was it ever worth the wait!

How can you go wrong with Doctor Who in the first place?

Then, add on in this episode, Kylie Minogue, and better yet, she's playing a character named Astrid!!! I think I was obligated to love this episode from the get go.
I won't go into details, but oh my... so so good. I do love The Doctor. I waited for a long time for this premiere, and I am never disappointed.

I do know that The Runaway Bride (from the Christmas episode a couple seasons ago) is going to be the new Companion, and I am not sure how I am going to like that - she's no Billie Piper. But, I am prepared to go in with an open mind, and I will love it I am sure.

Still, Rose, how I miss you.

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Jana said...

Astrid is an anagram for Tardis, you know.

This makes your name super de duper cool to me. ;D