Thursday, April 10, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 8

Ozzy and the others at Malakal are still in disbelief at Ami "betraying" them, and Erik is feeling like the luckiest boy in the history of Survivor. I think that Ami "betraying" them wasn't the worst move, it was strategic, but the way that she handled it was very bad and led to her demise in the game. Shoot people in the foot, if you must, but do it in a clever way, so they don't hate you for it. That's the key in the game.

Over on the Airai beach, Eliza and Jason are having a clandestine conversation under cover of the nigh with only the bats in the cave to hear them. Jason told Eliza he has the (Fake)Hidden Idol, and she is excited by the prospect.

And it's merge time! Leaving their beaches for a completely new camp. How interesting. Erik tells Ozzy that he will be open about any power plays that others try to make. He says that he is like a monkey to Ozzy's zookeeper in the game. Kind of like Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat?

The girls alliance (Alexis, Natalie, Pavarti and presumably Amanda) in Airai make a decision to keep mum on their closeness. Let's see how long that works.

On their merge beast, a feast greets them, and Eliza is bitterly disappointed by the ouster of Ami.

It turns out that they can choose which former beach to live on, and they choose Malakal without question.

Part of the feast is grilled bats, and that's a bit icky. James claims it tastes like Juicy Rabbit. They name the new tribe Dabu, which Erik tells them means "Good," but then admits in confessional means nothing, he made it up. That is freaking hilarious, and I instantly like him more.

In the night vision, we see Ozzy getting cozy with Alexis, and that leaves Amanda looking rather jealous. Kicking the old girl to the curb, Ozzy? Not sure about that. Alexis is instantly on Amanda's Big List of People I Hate. And the claws come out.

Cirie is getting the heebies about the new people touching all of the former Malakal's stuff. Jason tries to get in with Ozzy, who realizes that he probably has the (Fake) Hidden Immunity Idol, and also seems to want to show Jason that there is only one Ozzy of Greatness.

Eliza and Pavarti are discussing the ouster of Ami, and Eliza is feeling pretty vulnerable, with Pavarti refusing to commit to alliance with her. Pavarti and Amanda reunite happily, and Pavarti complains about Eliza staring at her, and brings up the possible alliance with Alexis and Natalie. Amanda is not happy about that idea, in fact, she is angry and upset, because, as she put it, "I don't want to go up against Alexis at the end, she's a motivational speaker!" Well, that, and she's a dirty Ozzy-thief, but Amanda didn't mention that. This might be trouble for Pavarti! You don't make alliances for other people.

Jason pulled Eliza aside and promised to give her the (Fake) Hidden Immunity Idol if she loses the challenge, so that anyone they vote for would instantly be out if everyone else is voting for Eliza.

This could get really good.

At the Individual Immunity Challenge, Probst asks the new Dabu tribe their name, and Alexis tells him, and includes Erik's bogus translation. Probst says nothing, though I am sure he knows that it is a giant crock. I mean, it's not dead grandmother, but it's a good whopper.

The Challenge is mostly mental, as they have to stay under a grate as the tide comes up, submerging them more and more. Panic is the enemy. Amanda is out first, she says that she was dozing. Pavarti and Alexis are out next, followed by Cirie, who I did not expect to last as long as she did. Natalie is out next, followed by Eliza and Erik.

James, Jason and Ozzy are the final three. After breathing water for a while, James is out next. Jason wins it by a hair, and Ozzy looked really upset with himself. Is this when Ozzy is going to have to use his (real) Hidden Immunity Idol? Could they both be played? That could get interesting.

Back at camp, Jason is totally annoying about beating Ozzy. He claims he "dominated" Ozzy, and I think that is going a little too far.

Eliza overhears Pavarti, Cirie, and Natalie talking about voting her out, and scampers back to ask Jason for the (Fake) Hidden Immunity Idol. They go off to collect it.

Amanda tells Cirie that they should vote out Alexis, especially after seeing Ozzy chatting it up with her again.

Eliza unwraps the (Fake) Hidden Immunity Idol and flips out at Jason, sure that it is fake. She seems still willing to try to play it, and I am going to laugh.

Tribal Council

Probst wastes no time asking Alexis what she thought of the merge. She says that there are people who are strong Physical Players, strong Mental Players, and strong Social Players. Alexis then uses past tense talking about Eliza's game, saying that she "lacked" Social skills. Oops, Alexis. A little cocky, there?

Probst makes a crack about Eliza's giant eyes - "You can't miss your eyes when you roll them." That's funny. Then Pavarti also attacks Eliza for being a little snake. She pleads her case for staying in, by saying that she is unlikable, and that's why they should keep her. Nice.

And Eliza plays the stick. Ozzy looked like he was going to fall out of his chair laughing. Probst unwraps the stick, and tosses it in the fire, then Eliza outs Ozzy for having the real one. As Probst tossed the stick in the fire, Ozzy said "Come on, man, that took hours to make!" Classic.

Bye Bye, Skelator Girl.

The Votes go down like this:

Pavarti - Eliza
Alexis - Eliza
Natalie - Eliza
Jason - Ozzy
Ozzy - Eliza
Cirie - Eliza
Amanda - Eliza
Eliza - Ozzy
Erik - Eliza
James - Eliza

It looks like Ozzy's in danger next week. Hope he can work it out. I make no secrets of my favorites.

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