Thursday, April 24, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 10

Oh, sad sad recap, the end of the Ozzy Era. It's going to get interesting from here on out.

Erik tells everyone is was a good idea not to tell him about the Ozzy vote. James can understand the strategy, and Amanda is really upset by the flip. No more cuddles for you, Amanda. She claims it's game on. I hope so. I do like her.

James has a nasty cut on his finger which is getting infected. Parvati is feeling vulnerable and needs to mend some fences. She starts her fence mending by telling James that she is planning on bringing girls to the finals. James goes on about not being able to resist the apple (same speech we heard in China). James is mad mad mad. End of cuddle time for you too, Parvati. Amanda is trying to keep her calm when she is talking to Parvati and Cirie, she's feeling vulnerable and out of the loop.

Reward Challenge:

It's the Survivor Auction! Each person was given $500, and there is no sharing of money or items. Most items are covered.

Cirie gets hot dogs, french fries, and all the fixings, for $120.

Erik gets the next item for $80, and Jeff goes Let's Make a Deal on him. Erik takes what's behind door number 2. Wise choice. He gave up Octopus and gets nachos. Score.

Natalie gets Fruit Bat Soup for $240. She doesn't want it. James, the bat connoisseur, asks if he can have it, and Jeff says ok. James expertly removes the skin for a delectable treat. I'll just take his word for it.

Next is an uncovered item, and there is a bidding battle for a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and a glass of milk. Amanda gets it for $280.

Natalie gets the next covered item for $240. It's a bottle with a note. She gets to send someone to exile and takes their money. It turns out that there is a new new new Hidden Immunity Idol on Exile!! Natalie sends Jason, who hadn't bought anything yet. Bonus. Jeff made a dig at him - "This time maybe you'll get a real idol." Snap.

Natalie gets the next item for $380. It's an entire chocolate sheet cake. Insane. She has 60 seconds to eat as much cake as she wants with three others. She chooses Parvati, Alexis, and Cirie. Yeah, that's not an alliance. It was a chocolate fest. Erik got a little weird and offered $40 to lick Cirie's fingers. And with that image burned into my head forever, the auction is over.

Back at camp, everyone complains about Natalie's decision to send Jason to Exile for another chance at the Idol. There is a speech about him being a bitch and bitch is guaranteed to find the idol in two days. The others are upset because Jason is a real threat in challenges.

Over on Exile, Jason begins his search, planning to use the Hidden Immunity Idol to get an alliance with Natalie. Wonder if Natalie feels that way. With seemingly no difficulty, Jason tracks down the new Hidden Immunity Idol and he is feeling really fantastic.

And back at camp again, the women start scheming how to get Jason feeling complacent. Natalie says that she will basically tell him that he owes her and she needs to win Immunity, and then they will blind side him just like they did Ozzy. Could just work.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. It turns out it is Erik's 22nd birthday! At least he got some cake in a pre-birthday celebration. At least the women have decided that they are not going to knife poor Erik in the back if they manage to fenangle the advantage, and they are not going to vote him off on his birthday.

The Challenge is a recap of a bunch of previous challenges, in a bracket style elimination. I like this kind of Challenge. Before the challenge began, Natalie whispered to Jason that anyone but James needs to win, and not to ask any questions, she'll explain herself later. He seems to accept that.

Jason, James, Erik, and Amanda make it through the first round (a Break-the-plate round). The next round is digging for a key in the sand. James and Erik are up first, then Jason. Then there is a puzzle which turns into a wheel that lowers planks via a pulley. James and Erik get their puzzles together first, and they move on. The next round is a rope bridge with two planks to get across. James fell in and lost a plank, had to go get it, and Erik took a huge lead. James made up some ground, and it was a tight race at the end, but the Birthday Boy won Immunity. The girls (and Jason) cheered for him. Bet that made James feel really good.

The girls are gleeful at the plan seeming to go their way. Parvati said "all the girls were screaming and jumping up and down inside their heads." Honey, you were not silent. She then says that the girls are like a Black Widow Brigade. "We're taking the boys, and spinning them around and around when we need them, and then we'll devour them." Nice. While Jason is off going to check the nets, the girls decide to rifle through his stuff (never ok in my opinion). THey find the Idol and put it back. Natalie goes to have a little fake Heart to Heart with Jason. He is so gullible.

I think we are seeing more of Natalie tonight than in any other episode. She says that she is getting to be more herself, and she turns out to be a "stone cold bitch." ha ha. I kind of like her.

Amanda and James have a little talk about how she is really upset at the way things seem to be turning out. James says he is voting Parvati.

Natalie has another confessional about flossing her teeth with Jason's jugular. Wow. That's imagery.
Tribal Council

Nothing really new is said, but Jason does not use the Hidden Immunity Idol. The back to back blind side was a success. James was told to go have Medical look at his (very bandaged) finger.

Next week, James gets some medical attention, and the family member reward is coming.

Here's how the votes went down.

Amanda - Jason
Alexis- James (huh? Chink in the armor?)
Jason - James
Cirie - Jason
Parvati - Jason
Erik - Jason
Natalie - Jason
James - Parvati

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