Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol: The Top 6 - Andrew Lloyd Webber Night

Tonight, Tonight, won't be just any night...

Good to know that AI is using Green energy for the finale, though until then, they will enough lights to use enough energy to power a small country.

First, the hopefuls meet Andrew Lloyd Webber, and we are treated to an overview of his work. Brooke is sucking up to him vociferously, as is expected.

Paula got a weird hairstyle for the night, and it didn't make her any more coherent.

Syesha Mercado (One Rock and Roll Too Many from Starlight Express) - I've never hard this song before. Even though she tried to go all Michelle Pfiefer with the sitting on the piano in the beginning, I thought that she started a second too early, and hit some bum notes. It was awkward when Ricky Miner was dancing with her. She seemed like she was trying too hard to show the personality, it seemed very rehearsed. She does have a lovely voice. I think the judges were right that it was one of her best performances, but I don't think it was her best. Still, not bad at all.

Jason Castro (Memory from Cats) - Andrew Lloyd Webber seemed as grossed out by Jason's dreads as Mariah Carey was. "I'm kind of nervous, it's kind of a popular song," said Jason. Ummmm, yeah. I'm just happy that he is singing this song so that David Archuleta can't sing it. The song started ok, but didn't blow me away. His lower register is definitely not as strong as his higher one. The middle kind of muddled about, but I think when he ended it, he did a pretty decent job of it. And Randy - too much melody? What kind of critique is that? That's ridiculous. I thought that it showed that he can feel songs, if nothing else. His sincerity was refreshing. I thought that Simon was also very harsh on him. It's not like it's a happy song, so why complain that he seemed miserable? I thought it was ok.

Brooke White (You Must Love Me from Evita) - This is just about my favorite song from the movie Evita, I am a big Madonna fan. Brooke's going to have to work hard t make this work. And . . . she messed up in the first moment (again), and started over (again). I don't believe in you, Brooke, not at all. You should disappear. She didn't seem to feel the song at all. I must not love you. Her dress looked like something my butterfly obsessed five year old would wear. She was really breathy and over thinking it, and she did not feel it. I do not understand why Simon was so forgiving to her for stopping. For once, I think that Paula is the only judge on the money. Brooke can go.

David Archuleta (Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera) - How awkward, the David Archuleta fan club took the stage. How strange, he has turned a song from Phantom into a would be Christian Rock song. I am so booooored with him. He tried to change it too much. I could hear this in an elevator. And, am I wrong, or did he forget his words halfway through. I am so angry about this song. He struggled to keep his eyes open, and did a decent job. I hated the ass kissing from the judges. I am angered right now. I am soooo glad that Simon told him it was weak. Totally annoying arrangement, now I want to go listen to Emmy Rossum and sanitize my ears of David A.

Carly Smithson (Jesus Christ Superstar from Jesus Christ Superstar) - Love that he stopped her from singing All I Ask of You. This song is freaking perfect for her. She's changing it up in an interesting and a natural way, and she is performing. Again, the damned backup singers are too loud. I love her dress, I am in love with her performance, I think this is my favorite she has done. Go Carly. Loved her tonight. She had to shout, she had to be heard over the back up singers.

David Cook (Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera) - I still think he should have sung Heaven on Their Minds from JC... but oh my god, he gave me chills. He hit that high note, and he hit is spot on. I did not like the way he ended it. He was trying to bring the rock to it, and he didn't need to. But I still loved it. My friends did not like it as much as I did, I really couldn't find nearly as much wrong with it as they did.

I will be voting for Carly and David Cook most. I might throw in a vote for Syesha. Brooke needs to go go go go go. I hope that David A. ends up in the bottom 3. He deserves it for that crap. I hated it much more on the recap.

I just listened to Heaven on Their Minds again, and yeah. David Cook should have sung it. It would have been amazing. I have a cast recording that is more rocked out than the version than the one below, but man... he could have done it so much more than justice. *sigh*

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JenFen said...

I am glad I am not the only one who thought they were overly harsh on Jason Castro - I did not love it but I thought it was okay. I agree Brooke's time is up. You know some people think David A. could go all the way? And I think David Cook choose the right song. I was surprised at first and although I liked his performance, it was not his best. But the song you mentioned is not well known enough. Carly did very well last night. Thought they were too harsh on her too. Guess we will see what happens tonight but I would bet Brooke will be gone.