Thursday, April 3, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 7

Oh, how I love it when Survivor is back after a week away. My week can now be complete.

Ozzie doesn't see himself as leader of Malakal, but he is deluding himself. If others see you as a leader, you are pretty much a leader. Sorry to break it to you.

Now, what are Ami and Cirie doing? Awwww, crab hunting. How neat. Those are some giant crabs. That does bring Ozzie down a notch as provider. Ami is sure to tell Ozzie that she was responsible for keeping him safe at Tribal. I don't know about that, Ami is being sneaky.

I bet a food challenge is coming up, because the Survivors on Airai are featured talking about their food cravings. A rat enters the camp, and Jason becomes the first to whack a rat this season. They plan on skewering him and eating him (the rat, not Jason).

And now they are talking about being dirty and going home to the other camp, so I smell a merge coming on, with a Spa type reward. We'll see how good my instincts are.

Parvati is doing some scheming with the other women. She is up for a woman's alliance, which is probably the only way she could possibly win. She wants to pull in Natalie and Alexis. Might be a good strategy . . . it remains to be seen.

Tree Mail is cryptic - They have to pick one member of the other tribe to get Individual Immunity for one night only, and get sent to Exile, skipping the Challenge. Ozzie is picked to sit out (big surprise), and Alexis. Off to Exile they go. Ozzie must be pained to be sitting out a challenge!!

The Immunity + Reward Challenge is kind of like the old style American Gladiator Gauntlet - Two people balances on an obstacle course with others trying to knock them off with giant bags. Ozzie Junior (aka Erik) showed some impressive skills. Both Eliza and Amanda fall immediately their first times, and Erik and Jason each get second ones. Amanda makes it back with one, and so does Jason. The bags are having no impact, these people are just running like made. On his last try, Erik tried to jump like he had jumped before, and missed and whacked himself hard into the platform. Ow. That was enough to win Airai Immunity and Pizza and Beer.

I don't think this is good for Ozzie Junior. I would love to see Cirie go, but I don't know if that is going to happen. Over on Malakal, Ozzie Junior's injury is inspected. He said it hurt a lot, but it doesn't look awful.

On Airai, Jason again gloats a bit about having the (Fake) Hidden Idol. Parvati does a funky little dance about the pizza and beer. James shows off his poor dental habits by opening some beer bottles with his teeth. Yeah. He has obviously not read Dr. Seuss' Tooth Book.

Ozzie takes Alexis on a hunt for the (Fake) Immunity Idol, and cackles with glee in his confessional when he finds that someone has taken the bait.

Erik is trying his hardest to stay in the game, and he tells Cirie and Amanda about Ami's scheming, which I think was a smart move. I want them to believe him, because Ami has been all flip-floppy. Ami, of course, catches him, and tries to tell the others that Erik is lying about her scheming ways. Don't. Trust. Ami. Ami puts on the hurt that they didn't ever come to her to join them. I think that they fact that she is an original Malakal is going to save her, and that makes me sad because I like Erik. Ami takes the opportunity to go and gloat to Erik that his telling the other girls about her made her alliance with them stronger. It was kind of a bitchy thing to do, I felt badly for Erik.

When Ozzie came back from Exile, Erik goes to him, and tells him everything, and Ozzie was peeved that Ami had gone after him. Ozzie talks to Amanda, and they have a little talk about who is more reliable...

Tribal Council, Ami puts on the tears when Ozzie mentions that someone went after him. If she isn't being genuine, she is good. I don't believe her for a second. The tears do not seem real to me. I am so glad that the tribe saw through them and kept Erik. He has so much more to learn from Ozzie.

Here's how the votes go down.

Amanda - Ami
Ami - Erik
Cirie - Ami
Erik - Ami
Ozzie - Ami

Next week is the merge. So I was wrong about the clues given this week. And next week, it looks like Jason shows Eliza his (fake) Idol, and she tells him she thinks it's fake. Looks to be a good one.

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