Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol: Idol Gives Back

Ok, so I am totally digging the So You Think You Can Dance crew from last season dancing while the Idol group sings Rhianna's Please Don't Stop the Music. Jason Castro sounds so much different with a beat behind him. I kind of like him. The Idols sounded really good on the song, but I loved watching the dancers (cannot wait for that show to start!!! Love love love)

Wow, Maria Shriver sure looks haggard nowadays. Her nose is oddly disproportionately small for her face, and her jaw is sharp. Good cause, though, so my criticism is going to be at a minimum.

I admit, I fast forward through Snoop Dog. Not my kind of music in the slightest.

Paula is looking mighty nice tonight, her chihuahuas are nicely under wraps.

(Sad children, give money)

An odd Carrie Underwood/Terri Hatcher moment, which would probably make more sense if I watched Desperate Housewives. This is followed by Terri Hatcher singing Before He Cheats, and my goodness, it makes me appreciate Carrie! I don't know who told Terri Hatcher that she could hold a candle, but Yo, dawg, she was pitchy and weak. All for a good job, but I was cringing. Never thought I would prefer Carrie.

The Mary Murphy scream was kind of funny, though her bangs look ridiculous. You are not Farrah Fawcett, dear.

The Miley Cyrus/Billy Crystal thing was kind of awkward, but I do love Billy Crystal. At least he was able to pick on himself. The funny thing is, Miley Cyrus is too young to actually be on Idol. I know a lot of people love her, she is ok, her music is catchy, but my kids are too young for the Hannah Montana phenomenon to hit them yet, so I am mostly unaware of her. I do not think she would make it far on Idol for her voice, that's for sure. She is a good performer and a decent actress, from what I have seen, and I'm sure her being on the show will help raise some money.

The Top 12 are busy answering phones.

Bono shows us some sad Africa. I really do honestly wish that I had some extra money so I could donate to this, because they have such a great range of charities they are helping, it is heart warming. Seriously.

Fergie and John Legend performed next. I am getting some respect for Fergie's voice. her eye make-up was seriously odd, though. She sounded a little froggy on some notes, but it was not bad. I wasn't so much digging her 80's skirt over Catwoman outfit, though.

Fergie gives way to Heart, singing Barracuda. I've played this song on Guitar Hero III. I mean, I've attempted to play this song on Guitar Hero III. I am worse than awful, but it is fun to try. Fergie gets to join in with Heart, and rocked it out. She shed her puffy skirt and jacket and is left in her strange rubberized leggings. All the better to do one-handed cartwheels in! That was a pretty awesome number.

You can get Commemorative Stamps from with AI winners on them for the next few weeks. That's interesting.

Les Beckhams make an appearance asking for donations. Vikki B looked almost human. Then more Sad Africa with Bono. (I am not trivializing anything here, just can't think of anything else to say). He is joined by Annie Lennox this time. The AIDS epidemic in Africa is so heartbreaking. Annie Lennox then performs on the Idol Gives Back stage. She's got such an incredible voice.

Jimmy Kimmel then does a little schtick. It's not as good as the bit on his show a bit ago, but he did pick on Simon quite a lot. That was kind of fun. Simon then got to introduce Carrie Underwood, blessedly singing her own song, though I fast forwarded, because I still don't kike her much.

The Gloria Estafan and Sheila E. Thankfully, it's Gloria Estefan singing this song and not Diana DeGarmo. (I know it's not the same song that Diana DeGarmo murdered, but I just wanted to mention). More dancing by some of the SYTYCD crew. Nice. Sheila E lost her cymbal. Don't know if she meant to do that, but it was funny, her face was priceless.

And now Sara Silverman. Also not doing the bit from the Jimmy Kimmel show. She's funny, though, even when she is just introducing a depressing video about malaria.

Even the Prime Minister of Great Britain is getting in on the show! I've never seen him before, only heard him on NPR, so that was new.

Reese Witherspoon made an appearance for the Children's Defense Fund.

The Top 8 performed Seasons of Love, from Rent. Brooke's microphone was way louder than anyone elses, it evened out a bit after the beginning. Ugh, enter the choir. It was kind of a nice group sing, though, not at all cringeworthy.

Alicia Keys showed us some more Sad Africa.

For the Teeny Bopper Crowd, Vanessa Hudgins and Ashley Tisdale made the entreaty for donations, before Miley Cyrus did another song, I Can't Wait to See You Again (and this one gets stuck in my head, but sounds better after it her voice goes through the digitizer in the studio). I don't want to pick on her too much, I mean, she's 15.

She and her dad went to Kentucky to showcase the power of education in children, and that's always a good message.

A special appearance by Robin Williams, billed as "The Russian Idol." I do love Robin Williams. I'm sure Russians will find this offensive on some level, but he is so funny. I mean, he grabbed Simon's butt. That's funny.

David Spade is not anywhere near as funny as Robin Williams, but he introduced Brad Pitt's segment, who then appeared live (sans Angelina and kids). His microphone came off and a very funny woman came out and fixed it, saying "I just wanted a reason to touch him." Very nice. Brad Pitt then introduced a Daughtry video. I do love Daughtry.

Not so much Marriah Carey. I fast forwarded. Then it was over.

I truly think it is an amazing thing for American Idol to use it's powers for good. Hope that a lot of people are helped by tonight's donations.

Tomorrow - someone gets booted, unless it is a repeat of last year's boot-less Idol Gives Back week.

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