Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hell's Kitchen: 4/22/08

There is a lot of griping about Ramsey picking on the aspiring chefs, which - have they ever seen the show, wouldn't they expect personal attacks? Ramsey makes them clean the kitchens, and Corey left halfway through the clean up, which was not cool.

In the morning, Corey tells Ramsey that she wants to leave her team, and then he asks them who is the strongest chef on their team. Corey thinks she is, and all of the other girls think it is Jen (I am surprised).

The men's team says that Ben is the strongest chef on their team.

Ramsey announces that they are going to have a Family Dinner Service with a whole new menu. Since the aspiring chefs are having a hard time memorizing the normal menu, this ought to go over well.

The Challenge is to make pasta. Rosann announces that she is going to have no trouble, since she is Italian. Matt decided that he was going to be the drying rack instead of rolling any pasta. Jen was doing a good job cranking the pasta. Craig was busy disassembling his machine. It certainly was a good effort.

The women end up getting more good pasta on the first arm (almost a full pound more). The men's second arm was deemed wonderful. The women still end up winning by more than a pound of pasta. The brute strength of the men didn't do any good. Matt (as always) looked like he was going to cry about losing.

The men have to prep all the new menu items, and the women get to go to the amusement park. Louross' ire is pointed right at Craig. Why not Matt? As a bonus for losing, Ben gets to shovel pony poop from the pony rides for the Family Night entertainment. That just (literally) stinks.

For some reason over in the men's kitchen, they are putting a lot of importance on Craig's pasta section.

In an amusing moment, Ramsey tells Jean-Phillippe to take his tie off and loosen his shirt, which he didn't want to do. That was funny.

You'd think that Burgers, Onion Rings, and Wings would be easy. Ben tried to send out an unseasoned unbreaded onion ring, and Matt (not crying, though looking like it), sent out half raw chicken wing.

The women's kitchen seemed to be doing better, until Vanessa caught a pan on fire and then spilled burning oil on her hand. Ow. Ow. Ow. She heads to the hospital, and the women are one down.

The men are serving out tiny overcooked burgers, and the women are doing a great job. Ramsey berates the men for getting to excited for doing well (not as well as the women). Craig started to send out the wrong dish (meatball sauce instead of clam), and then the clam was undercooked. While he was finishing that, the women finished up their service admirably, and then Ramsey sent the women in to help the men. Humiliating for the men. Craig flipped out for no apparent reason at the end, not good.

In the end, the Women Won the night, and Jen was called the best cook in both kitchens. She is impressing me. Also surprising, Ramsey chooses Bobby as Best of the Worst, to nominate two for the ouster.

Vanessa has returned, and she has to go see a plastic surgeon for her burn! That sucks.

Up for nomination are Craig and Matt. Matt seriously looks like the eagle from The Muppets. Ramsey also pulls Ben up to be in danger of elimination.

Best quote possibly ever.

Ben - "I'm going to give you 100%"
Matt - "I'll give you 125%, Chef."
Craig - "I don't know percentages, but I'll, um, give you more than that."

Giant Hat Boy is gone gone gone. He's so stupid, I will not miss him.

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Joe Humphrey said...

weirdly enough, I found your post here because I was looking for a picture of Matt so I could post in my own journal that he looks like Statler from the Muppets.

Same book, different page.