Thursday, April 17, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 9

Dabu awakes and Jason is feeling Godlike in his Immunity win against Ozzy. Just in time for a Reward Challenge (that was quick!).

Jason and Natalie are chosen as leaders. Jason's team is Ozzy, Amanda, and Erik.
Natalie's is James, Parvati, and Alexis. Poor Cirie is sent to Exile, with nothing there for her but solitude. That sucks.
Jason is a pretty quick swimmer. The puzzle bit is tough. Ozzy made up all sorts of time in his leg, and wasted no time getting back, putting up a whole lot of puzzle pieces. The first attempt is wrong, but a little input, and Team Ozzy, Erik, Amanda, and Jason wins. They win a wonderful cultural/food reward.

You know, I wouldn't mind seeing that team go to the top 4. They are all good players, deserving, and mostly likable. They head to Yap for their reward. It was amusing when Erik was distracted by the topless women. "That's probably more boobs than I have seen in my life." Funny.

Erik became the butt of many jokes, too much beatle nuts and local beer, and then he got sick.

I bet Amanda was happy to have her Ozzy all to herself without Alexis insinuating herself into the situation.

Cut to poor Cirie on Exile, where it is pouring and miserable. She is set to scheming by herself, trying to figure out ways to get rid of Ozzy.

Back at Camp, James is trying to work, and Parvati griped at him for doing anything while people are trying to sleep. He is getting upset with her.

Have people not learned anything? Ozzy goes off about the food, in a seriously annoying and unwise move. No better way to piss people off than to brag about food. Parvati and Alexis were really annoyed with him. Amanda starts to ponder to James about the Threat of Parvati and her precious Girl Alliance.

Time for Immunity Challenge

There was an ominous wink between Alexis and Natalie as Jason handed over the Immunity necklace. Didn't like that.

It's an Endurance Challenge. Rather like one last season or the season before, with one hand tethered to a bucket above their head, standing on a log, big buckets of colored water poised to fall on their heads. Jeff enters with temptations. Cirie and Erik quit for a bowl of Candy, and then Alexis gets excited about the next hidden temptaion, followed by Natalie, and neither one of them get the Cookie and Milk, and James follows them (no Cookie). Alexis did some major pouting about being deprived of cookie, and I think that Jeff took pleasure in denying her. Ozzy disappointed me by being swayed by three chocolate glazed donuts. It's down to Parvati, Jason, and Amanda, and it started to rain. Amanda had to go pee and was forced to quit, that sucks.

Jeff comes out with the Ultimate Temptation, which is a Feast for Everyone. Cirie was crossing her fingers when she promised not to vote him out for the food. So was Amanda. That's just tricky. Jason decides to trust them, and everyone gets to eat, Parvati gets Immunity. This could spell trouble for Ozzy. The feast was on. I want to know why no one told Parvati that she should be the one to step down. I guess she is feeling stronger in her multitudes of Alliances. That was 6 and a half hours? That's crazy crazy crazy.

Ozzy is the first to say that he is still planning on voting for Jason. Cirie thinks that it is the best time to get rid of Ozzy, because he thinks he is in control. Parvati is flip flopping. Ozzy is a little too confident, I really think tonight would be the time for him to play the idol.

At Tribal Council, Ozzy is just a little too cocky about his position. This could be trouble for my fave. He does not play the Idol, and Cirie started looking pleased with herself. Nothing beat Eliza's bug-eyed reaction to Ozzy's ouster, but I was so sad. I hope that Amanda takes it all now. She was totally shocked. It'll be lonely on the beach for her now. And how sad is it that Ozzy was brought down in part by love of donuts?

Here's how the votes went down:

Jason - Ozzy
James - Jason
Amanda - Jason
Erik - Jason

Parvati - Ozzy

Alexis - Ozzy

Cirie - Ozzy

Natalie - Ozzy
Ozzy - Jason

I am saddened, but I also think Ozzy just got too comfy as king of the roost. I mean, he quit the challenge for donuts. He almost deserved his ouster.

Next week looks good, with the trickiness of trying to mend fences, and Girl Power trying to conquer all.

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