Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hell's Kitchen: 4/15/08

Tonight starts with Jen going on a tirade about Corey choosing her, and Christina was crying about the nomination. The men are questioning Corey's game play strategies, saying she played that card too early, which may be true.

The next day brings an apartment full of chickens. Ramsey calls the chefs and tells them each to grab one and bring it to the kitchen. Ramsey then makes a show of nearly beheading a chicken, but at the last moment, doesn't, and tells them to put the live chickens back in their cages. The challenge is to cut up chickens. Jason again ignited my anger by claiming that the men are going to win because they are men, and "this isn't the dusting and sweeping challenge." Idiot.

The women do really well, with I think four of them getting full marks and the others getting 6 out of 8 pieces.

Jason made another chauvinistic comment, before getting 6 out of 8. Petrozza and Ben bring in perfect scores. Craig only got 2 pieces, which sealed the women's victory.

As punishment, the men have to pick peppers on a hot day on a farm.

As a reward, the women get to go out to restaurants on Sunset Strip. I think that Ramsey likes to see women win things like this so that he can go on the town with pretty women.

Matt threw a little tantrum about Craig's inability to chop up a chicken.

Out on the town, the women and Ramsey run into Aaron, the crier from last year. I bet the producers knew, though Mr. Voiceover claims that Ramsey did not know he would be there.

Back at the apartment, Corey is not above using sex appeal to try to get the men to spill team secrets. And the first one (the only one!) to fold? Jason. Jason blabbing about all the others, to the lowly women.

Time for cooking. Bobby is made to cook tableside. Jason is put on the dessert station and has no idea what all the desserts are. Ridiculous.

What I think is funny is that Matt keeps picking on Craig, when he looks like he's going to cry all the time. Look in the mirror before complaining about others, Matt. Nuff said. However, Craig is sucking completely, and Jason throws a little tantrum about being put on the spot, then he still can't recite the menu, and he says he wants to go home. I hate almost nothing more than a quitter. At least he pulled it together and got the dessert menu down, just in time for Craig to get a piece of crispy bacon.

Over in the women's kitchen... am I the only one disturbed by Vanessa's ponytail hanging over the food? I have long hair, I know how it sheds.

Bobby served up some chicken table side, and out of desperation, cuts them up family style, and some diners on the women's side make SOS signs out of bread, which was amusing.

Jason again blames his inability to make desserts on the fact that he has testosterone. Men apparently can't bake, either. He's such a moron. Ben tried to serve nearly uncooked salmon, and Ramsey shuts it down.

Christina and Petroza are picked to nominate one person each from their team to nominate for eviction, there is no winning team.

Why do so many of these chefs smoke? Doesn't smoking mess with your palate? I have never smoked, but it seems to make a difference in how you taste things. I know it's a really high stress occupation, and that is probably the reason, but still.

Petroza nominates Jason, and Christina nominates Vanessa. Why does Jason think that he deserves to stay because he hasn't done well yet? Does Ramsey seem like the forgiving kind? Vanessa breaks out the tears.

Please excuse me as I do a Happy Dance, Jason is gone. "Maybe if I had cried like a chick, I would still be safe." I knew he was going to pull out one more zinger. He's so annoying. I am thrilled to not see him again.

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