Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol: The Top 8 - Inspirational Songs

I really want someone to sing Your the Inspiration by Chicago. That would be funny.

Michael Johns (Dream On - Aerosmith) - Nice choice for him, though his transitions between octaves were a bit weak. Not nearly as good as last week, he seemed forced in the beginning especially. I was dreading the high part, but it was actually not bad. I was highly distracted by Paula's corseted cleavage. I wondered if she was making a double entendre when she said her chihuahuas would join Michael on stage. I'm not sure I want to know.

Syesha (I Believe - Fantasia) - Ugh ugh ugh. Why sing something by Fantasia. And even worse, her winning song, which was pathetic and forgettable even then. I was bored bored bored. Syesha is just so forgettable. Her high note was good, but I forgot about it instantly. I didn't like the song when Fantasia sang it, I don't like it now.

Jason Castro (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) - Well, it's no Andy Bell in heels. His yukelalie was amusing, and well played, he sounded nice, but I am not sure if it was anything more than "sweet." The judges loved it, though. That should keep him around.

Kristy Lee Cook (Anyway - Martina McBride) - Again with the shimmery top? She is a pretty girl, but she was shouting tonight, and then the choir came in, and it was all over for me. I hate this kind of song. If that's the kind of song that Kristy is going to sing when she leaves the competition, I am hoping to never hear her music ever again. Yawn.

David Cook (Innocent - Our Lady Peace) - Mumble mumble what? Kind of a mess, sadly. Then - blah - in came the choir. Since when did inspirational songs need a full gospel choir? Jut because you love a song or a band does not mean that you can sing them. I am highly disappointed. He was all over the place.

Carly Smithson (Show Must Go On - Queen) - The high waisted pants are not very good, but I like her shirt, and the lack of tall boots is nice. The Wonder Woman Belt needed to go. I think this is one of the best vocals of the night, a inspirational song that is not cheesy, the choir didn't need to happen, and she was weak on her high notes. Some people just need to realize they are not sopranos. Carly has such a gorgeous alto range. Embrace that. The end was a mess, though. Still, one of my favorites of the night so far, not like that's hard.

David Archuleta (Angels -Robbie Williams) - Gag. Wow, what a stretch for him (she said sarcastically). I thought vocally he sounded nasal and not nice at all. I am so over him. So. Over. Him. He also looks like someone dressed him in his father's shirt.

Brooke White (You've Got a Friend - Carol King) - Totally predictable song choice from Brooke, but she looks nice, and it is her total niche. Unlike David A, I am not nearly as bored with her as I am with him. She could still be in trouble, though. She has so pigeon-holed herself. She was pretty pitchy on some parts. Perhaps she would have been better if she had been playing the piano. Standing isn't her thing. Neither is emoting. She seemed really sad at the end. Then she thought of rainbows and sunflowers and everything was peachy again.

Man, I'm glad that my gag reflex is strong. Otherwise, I would have spent a lot of time in the bathroom puking from tonight. The only two that I liked at all really were Michael and Carly, and Carly only slightly. I think I am only voting for Michael. I don't care who goes home, as long as it's not David Cook. He was very disappointing tonight, but I still hope he wins.

Who knew that Inspiration could be so absolutely dreadful.

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