Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hell's Kitchen: 4/8/08

My DVR missed the beginning (oops), so I came in to see the tie breaker in the Halibut challenge.

Corey cried, Jen was mad, the men were thrilled.

As a punishment for losing, the women got to prep all the fish and make fish stock for the dinner service. The men got to go out on yacht and overindulge.

Back at the prep, Jason shows himself to again be a chauvinistic pig. Can't stand him.

Ramsey quizzes Petroza on the menu, and he fails miserably, and gets kicked out to go study it, leaving his station unmanned until he returns.

Ramsey chooses Craig and Rosann to be Assistant Maitre D's so they can see what poor Jean-Phillipe has to go through when they suck.

Instead of studying, Petroza gave up and had a cigarette. Pathetic. He won't last long. Bobby went and pulled him back in, wiping his tears with his apron. How sweet.

The kitchen is falling apart as expected, Bobby was a jerk, Jason was an indignant jerk. Rosann took 45 minutes to get the first order into the kitchen, and I have no idea what could have taken so long. Corey at least made a nice risotto with no complaints from Ramsey.

The men got all of their appetizers out no problem, then Jason was trying to serve raw halibut, Petroza was trying to serve raw, cold steak instead of medium. Not good.

Craig smacked a customer in the head with a chair while acting as Maitre'd. Yeah. Smart.

Sharon was messing up with the meat also, but Petroza managed to get some good looking lamb.

Rosann was completely falling apart as Assistant Maitre'd. She actually said "I have a lot tickets waiting for you, but I didn't want to bombard you all at the same time." Yeah, that's good.

Ramsey told Sharon that she was a showgirl with a feather coming out of her ass. Jason ended up serving raw fish, and that was the final straw. Ramsey shut the kitchen down early again. The comment cards indicated that the women lost the night. The men only got to serve half their entrees, but it was better than the women.

Corey (and her brilliant risotto) was chosen "Best of the worst" and got to pick the two people to go up for elimination. No one really tried to talk to her, and she decided to send up Christina and Jen. That was a surprise. Sharon looked relieved.

My husband thought that Ramsey should have fired Corey for not being able to get along with others. Christina was really hurt by Corey saying that she was condescending to her, and turned on the tears. Jen talked and talked and talked her way right into a corner. They had to edit it down, she talked too much.

Ramsey totally ignored Corey's nomination and out of the blue kicked Sharon off. Slap on the hand to Corey for not paying attention to cooking, but only to strategy. Ramsey said that he couldn't keep someone he didn't trust, so he booted her. I think he just didn't like Sharon's fashion sense.

Next week looks worse and worse. More tears, more fires, more yelling, more threatening to quit. Yup, I love this show.

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